Kevin heals digestive issues on carnivore diet

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Kevin is twenty-two years old and is attending college. He says, “I’m 5’ 10”, and I currently weigh around 196 pounds. I’ve been doing carnivore for a little over two months.”

He had been following a ketogenic diet before and had lost 130 pounds that way. He lost a little more weight on carnivore: “I recently have lost twenty pounds doing carnivore, but I wasn’t doing it mostly for the weight loss. I was already a pretty decent weight, and I was relatively happy.”

“I was mostly doing it for digestive issues. I’ve always had digestive issues, all my life. My entire family has had them. It kind of runs in our family.”

Couldn’t Digest Vegetables on Keto

“The reason I switched from keto is that I was eating pretty low-carb vegetables, like broccoli, asparagus, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, and maybe occasionally a salad. Basically, I just stopped being able to digest them well.”

“When I started working out harder, my body couldn’t handle the fact that I was eating things that weren’t appropriate for my body, is what I truly believe.”

Only Bloated After Vegetables

“I had meat and fat for my first meal, and then I would have my vegetables and a meat for my second meal, and I was getting bloated and constipated. I was thinking, okay, well, maybe it’s the vegetables.”


“I was having constipation for five, up to six days, followed by extremely painful bowel movements.”

Finding Dr. Baker

Kevin found Dr. Shawn Baker and learned about the carnivore diet. “I watched Shawn Baker, watched multiple different videos of people saying ‘Hey this might help’ so I tried it out.

He found some further relief for his bowel function: “Bowel movements had gotten a little easier on keto, but ever since I’ve restricted my diet down to basically beef and salt, it’s actually helped even more. I basically don’t have digestive issues at all. No pain, no real bloating. A lot of my gas stuff has pretty much cleared up”


Kevin frequently lifts weights and exercises, and he has noticed a big jump in his strength, saying, “I’ve had a significant strength increase, especially in the past month. Three weeks ago, I couldn’t do a single pull-up or chin-up; I can do three or four pull-ups and five to six chinups pretty easily.”

Mental Sharpness with Less Anxiety

Kevin finds that it’s easier for him to focus and function when studying, as his mind works better, saying, “Mental sharpness has improved. I’m in school, so that’s pretty important for me. My overall anxiety level has gone down.”

No More Bloat

“I don’t feel like sh*t after I eat, so that’s always positive. I was always bloated; for the longest time I didn’t realize I was getting bloated because I was already overweight. Slight difference in my stomach wasn’t very noticeable to be completely honest.”

Sex Drive Increased

Kevin has also seen some other pleasant improvements, noting that “My overall sex drive from keto to now carnivore, just beef, has significantly increased.”

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