Anonymous improved aches, pains, chronic inflammation on carnivore diet

Thanks Shawn for all you do and your dedication to this very important issue. I used to be very athletic in my youth and then got into the low fat, white meat only, trying to include more and more vegetables, grains and vegetable proteins. I started to develop aches and pains and attributed them to age, like I guess pickup basketball is over for me I’m too old at 28.

I went the low fat, semi vegetarian route because even at my best shape in my youth I was always pudgy, I never had a flat stomach, even working out like crazy. Now at 61 being 90% carnivore for over a year I am in the best shape of my life, flat stomach, very trim, yet strong. Also many significant aches and chronic inflammation and digestive issues are gone. And this is without exercising or working out much at all. I haven’t had much time as I work full time and also have to do a lot of yard work at my house. I plan to make the time and I am anxious to see what I can accomplish at 61 by working out more.

One point I would really like to make in thanking you is that you are an inspiration and a sense of sanity ESPECIALLY because you are a MD. So many people, like over a generation of people over the last 50 years are totally screwed up following the advice of their doctors and other so-called health experts, its crazy but that’s the norm.

There are people at my working place who have heart problems, obese, high blood pressure, diabetes, brain seizures and on  and on. And everyday they eat junk food, drink soda and eat high carb meals. And you know there doctors treat them for very serious issues and either don’t ask them anything at all about their diet or just tell them the standard just eat less, every thing in moderation you don’t have to avoid anything.

In the paper daily there is a “health section” authored by Dr. Oz basically telling the same generic advice that has been given for 50 years—cut down on red meat, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat whole wheat bread, avoid animal products and saturated fats to cut high cholesterol levels. I’m not saying these “experts” have evil intentions but the way they come across so mug and high and mighty advising millions of people is very disturbing.

They always smugly say stuff like the studies show red meat causes cancer etc. As chronic health conditions skyrocket, I just wonder if they can live with themselves if they ever realize for decades I have been a part of promoting the totally wrong things that have caused millions of people to suffer.

I also would like to thank you because you are a successful person who does not have to put himself out there for criticism. You could very well keep your knowledge to yourself and keep on having a great life working out, eating carnivore. We (the human race!) desperately need you and others to keep fighting the good fight promoting animal products in the diet. Thanks again Shawn for all you do.

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