Katleen improves mental, emotional, and physical health on a carnivore diet

From Healthy to Carnivore

Katleen has enjoyed a relatively healthy and active lifestyle and had no major health concerns before starting a carnivore diet. However, she decided to take the plunge because she was curious about how she might benefit from a meat-based diet and support her husband on his carnivore journey. In the process, she unlocked even better mental health, optimized digestion, and more restful sleep.


“I came from a very healthy background,” Katleen shares. “I spent some time on the standard American diet but eventually transitioned to a ketogenic diet. I noticed digestive issues from dairy and processed meats, so I started a whole-food keto diet for a few years prior to going carnivore.”


Curiosity and Support

Katleen and her husband had watched several videos about the carnivore lifestyle, and he wanted to give it a shot. “He was surprised to learn that people can eat only animal products and see so many improvements to their health,” she recalls. “It seemed so simple. I was initially scared to eliminate fiber and phytonutrients, but when I learned more about the bioavailability of nutrients in animal products, I decided to try it for 30 days.”


Unexpected Benefits

In her first week following a carnivore diet, Katleen saw some unexpected improvements. “I noticed a difference in my satiety and an overall calmness between meals,” she explains. “I wasn’t constantly thinking about meal prep, and my mind wasn’t so busy all the time.” After completing one month on a carnivore diet, Katleen and her husband decided to go for a second month and haven’t looked back a year and a half later. “I just love this lifestyle!”


Health Improvements

Katleen had tolerated minor issues for years that finally went away after making the switch to a meat-based diet. She used to retain water throughout different points in her menstrual cycle and frequently experienced uncomfortable bloating after meals. Additionally, her cravings for certain foods completely disappeared a few months into her journey. While these minor inconveniences weren’t interrupting her life in a significant way, resolving these issues gave her a sense of calmness she hadn’t felt before. “I haven’t had a craving in over a year,” she notes. “I really enjoy that freedom, and it helps me to focus on everything else that is important in life.”


Simple Diet, Sustained Energy

Following a simple diet of beef, eggs, and seafood, Katleen has more sustained energy throughout the day. She has gradually moved toward intermittent fasting and typically has her last meal around 2 PM. “I experience very steady energy, and it’s as if my energy is not dependent upon meal timing. Having my last meal earlier in the day has greatly improved my sleep.”


Personalized Health Plans

Katleen enjoys helping her clients define and achieve their health goals through a personalized plan. “You own your perception of yourself beyond what is on your plate,” she advises. “Even if you don’t have any severe health issues before starting a carnivore diet, you may discover a better level of health for yourself that you weren’t aware of before.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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