February 17, 2021

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Liz healed from depression, digestion, joint issues, and sugar addiction on carnivore diet

Struggles With Mental Health And Physical Pain   Meet Liz. Before Carnivore, she had a lot of issues with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, such as binge eating and overeating. The eating problems were a coping mechanism for her emotional problems, but they led to stomach and digestive issues and being overweight.   Liz was

Devin improved nerve pain, hormonal balance, and eliminated seizures on a carnivore diet

Devin’s Health Issues   Devin had health issues such as chronic indigestion, constipation, chronic migraines, and headaches all her life. Because her mother had them, too, she thought it was unavoidable.   Trying Anti-Seizure Medication   After one migraine, she ended up in the hospital. Her doctor did a spinal tap because he thought she had meningitis.   When she

Bella improved mental clarity, digestion, and emotional health on a carnivore diet

Meet Bella – The Musician And Carnivore Advocate   Meet Bella – she is a musician and a serious carnivore advocate with a successful Youtube channel where she is “Steak and Butter Gal.” Her piano playing is amazing!   From Vegan To Carnivore – Bella’s Journey   Before becoming a carnivore, she says, “I was a high carb, low fat

Katleen improves mental, emotional, and physical health on a carnivore diet

From Healthy to Carnivore Katleen has enjoyed a relatively healthy and active lifestyle and had no major health concerns before starting a carnivore diet. However, she decided to take the plunge because she was curious about how she might benefit from a meat-based diet and support her husband on his carnivore journey. In the process, she unlocked even better mental

Megan N feels and looks better than than she did in her 20s on a carnivore lifestyle

Megan was looking for an effective way to lose weight after giving birth to her fourth child. Little did she know, a carnivore diet would bring her more than just effective fat loss; she’d eventually find her calling as a Certified Carnivore Coach!   “After I had my youngest son, I was having trouble losing weight,” Megan shares. “When I

Mike S healed gout and increased his energy and mental freedom on a carnivore lifestyle

Mike’s Struggle with Gout and Diet Approaches After years of trying everything from the standard American diet loaded with sugar and processed foods to a vegan diet, Mike finally discovered the healing benefits of a carnivore diet. In the process, he healed his painful gout symptoms and optimized his health in every way.   Mike struggled with gout for many

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