Megan N feels and looks better than than she did in her 20s on a carnivore lifestyle

Megan was looking for an effective way to lose weight after giving birth to her fourth child. Little did she know, a carnivore diet would bring her more than just effective fat loss; she’d eventually find her calling as a Certified Carnivore Coach!


“After I had my youngest son, I was having trouble losing weight,” Megan shares. “When I went to get a physical, my doctor told me that my cholesterol was high, and he wanted to start me on a statin. I was in my late thirties then, and I felt I was too young to take that kind of medication. So I refused and began searching for a natural way to lower my cholesterol.”


Megan found a book called “Sugar Busters” and began cutting sugar from her diet. “I eventually made the connection between sugar and carbs.”


Benefits of Zero-Carb Diets for Brain and Athletic Performance


Megan lost a lot of weight by cutting out sugar and reducing carbs through a ketogenic diet. Around the same time, her father was diagnosed with dementia.


Megan was concerned when she learned that low-fat diets and statins had been associated with developing dementia, so she was relieved to learn that low-carb and zero-carb diets are good for brain health and athletic performance.


Megan’s Switch to an All-Meat Diet


While following a ketogenic diet, Megan improved her athletic performance. She had joined a Crossfit gym and now owns her own location. “I noticed that I was bloated when I ate vegetables, but I great and leveled up my performance when I ate more meat.


I had better mental clarity, too.” She searched online about the safety of an all-meat diet. She found a wealth of information and groups centered around following a zero-carb meat-centric lifestyle, including interviews and resources from Dr. Shawn Baker. “I was fully hooked!” she recalls. “I religiously read all the scientific data I could find, and I’ve been following it ever since.”


A Typical Day of Eating on a Carnivore Diet


A typical day of eating for Megan includes a small snack of all-natural beef jerky, scrambled hamburger and bacon for lunch, and a ribeye steak or lobster for dinner. She practices intermittent fasting as well.


“I find the later I eat in the day, the better I sleep,” she notes. “I take a beef liver supplement as well. It may seem expensive to some, but I don’t mind paying a little extra to fuel my body properly.”


Megan’s Remarkable Health Improvements and Journey to Becoming a Certified Carnivore Coach


At 48, Megan’s results have been beyond what she thought possible. “I feel better and stronger than I did in my twenties!” she says. “I love that a meat-based diet supports my brain and heart health. I can do something to help prevent dementia.”


She no longer suffers from headaches, her digestion is flawless, and she has sustained energy throughout the day. “My insides are like a well-oiled machine!” she jokes. “I joke with my family that I’m like a lioness!”


Megan enjoys sharing a meat-based lifestyle with her husband, a hunter, and their four children. She recently became a Carnivore Coach and looks forward to helping her clients begin their own journey to better health and better aging.


“If you’re the kind of person who appreciates an adventure, why not give it a try, even for a week? Even a short period of time is enough to notice some improvements!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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