Josh lost 45kgs in 24 weeks, reclaimed my mental health, and found the real me on a carnivore lifestyle

Josh lives in New Zealand and says before his carnivore lifestyle, his relationship with food was “very poor.” Josh describes eating a lot of chocolate and other sugary foods.


His emotional eating and dependence on sugar became so destructive Josh became overweight as a teen and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at just seventeen years old.


Overcoming Diabetes with the Carnivore Diet


Josh tried to combat his diabetes diagnosis by starving his body. He says he would only eat five-hundred calories per day. And though Josh did lose some weight, it would always come back.


He spent several years yo-yo dieting and wreaking havoc on his body and metabolism. All his unhealthy practices came to a head during the Covid pandemic lockdown. Josh spent his time in isolation baking and putting on even more weight.


The Impact of the Carnivore Diet on Weight Loss and Health


Josh and a male coworker came across a video featuring the carnivore diet. Josh, his coworker, and two other female coworkers decided to do the carnivore diet together for thirty days.


Josh says it was “pretty cool” to see them all approach the diet for various reasons– some for weight loss, others for optimal health. He also says they all had different levels of activity during the diet.


Josh, in the beginning, did not work out at all, while his male coworker spent a lot of time in the gym. Ultimately all four individuals who did the diet together had much success in those thirty days and beyond.


Josh lost 3.8 kilograms in the first week of following the carnivore diet. He went on to lose fifteen kilograms in his first month and forty-five kilograms within almost six months.


Beyond weight loss, Josh says his sleep has improved, as well as his energy levels. Josh also says he had joint pain before becoming a carnivore diet follower that went away within a short amount of time of following the carnivore way of eating.


Following the Carnivore Diet Long-Term: Josh’s Journey


Today Josh says he follows intermittent fasting and eats mostly ruminant animals during the week– beef, lamb, etc. He then adds other non-ruminant meats like chicken and venison on the weekends.


Josh also says he and his coworkers who started the diet together often “meat up” on a Friday or Saturday evening to enjoy many types of meat together. He says many of these meat ups involve non-typical meats like oysters, pork, etc.


Josh is a health coach in his country and has been able to use his success with the carnivore diet to inspire his clients to do the same.


He says most of his clients are obese and loves teaching them how to care for their bodies. He even spoke of a client who lost twenty-five kilograms within just eight weeks of beginning his carnivore lifestyle.


Sharing Success: Inspiring Others to Try the Carnivore Diet


Josh says something else he has noticed with the carnivore way of eating is that though his clients are dropping large amounts of weight, they aren’t struggling with loose skin as much as he would expect. He attributes this phenomenon to the quantity of collagen carnivore diet followers naturally eat.


Josh says his advice to anyone looking to start their carnivore journey is to “jump in and give it a go.” He speaks about how he only intended to do the carnivore diet as a thirty-day experiment, and now it is very much a part of his life.


Josh is appreciative of this way of eating and the support he has had from his coworkers along the way, and he isn’t looking back.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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