Roger got control of weight and mental health on a carnivore diet

Bodybuilder Roger’s Journey with the Carnivore Diet


Roger lives in New Zealand and says he’s always lived a relatively healthy lifestyle. Roger is a bodybuilder who often competes in weightlifting competitions. Roger gave up gluten eleven years ago when his wife discovered she had a severe intolerance. Roger also says, being in the competition world, his diet has almost always been low-carb.


Yo-Yo Dieting and Mental Health Decline


However, being in the weightlifting world also meant that Roger spent much time yo-yo dieting for competitions. He was constantly putting on and losing weight. His weight fluctuation caused Roger’s mental health to decline approximately three to four years ago, for which he was then put on medication.


Additionally, Roger’s mother went through a period of being very unwell between a cancer diagnosis and a stroke. The additional stress of his mother’s health caused Roger to gain weight.


The “What Do I Have to Lose” Approach to the Carnivore Diet


Roger and a coworker came across some videos online about the carnivore diet and decided to do it together– his wife also joined them. Roger says he approached the diet with a “what do I have to lose” mentality. Roger was training at the time for a weightlifting competition and not only continued to train without any issues, but he won the competition!


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet: Mental Health and Physical Strength


Roger says beyond giving him the strength and endurance to win the competition, the carnivore lifestyle also did wonders for his mental health.


He could cease taking any medications for his anxiety and depression after following the carnivore way of eating.


New Zealand’s Meat Sources and Availability of Organ Meats


Roger says he is lucky to live in a country that only sources its meat from ranchers and farms. Roger says in New Zealand, the grocery shops do not label their meats with “grass-fed” and “free-range” because all the meat is already grass-fed and free-range.


He also says the meat in New Zealand is still reasonably priced, even though it is not conventionally produced like many other countries. Roger says he eats a lot of red meat and loves organ meat. He says some of his favorite organ meats are chicken liver, kidneys, and brain– which are all regularly available in everyday grocery stores in New Zealand.


Roger also says he eats some dairy, like cheese, though he is cautious. And Roger is currently trying to eliminate coffee as he knows he has a bit of an addiction to caffeine.


Centering His Personal Training Business Around the Carnivore Diet


Roger has also been able to center his personal training business around the carnivore diet. He says many of his clients come in obese, and he has been able to completely change their life by helping them follow the carnivore way of eating.


He says the diet works for his business and his clients because it’s simple and allows them to eat until they are full and do minimal exercise initially– though he does add in more training later in his client’s journeys.


The Carnivore Diet: A Gift of Longevity for Roger


Roger has much to be thankful for regarding his health and the carnivore lifestyle. The carnivore diet has given him the gift of longevity. It is now a part of every aspect of his life, from personal to professional, and he is grateful for discovering this way of eating. He says for him, he knows, “I’m going to be here for my grandchildren.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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