Gary lost weight, gained muscle, cured his constant and unrelenting knee pain on a carnivore lifestyle

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Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Gary says he always thought he was making the best decisions for his health. Gary often exercised for over an hour a day and said his diet consisted of an abundance of salad, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and a little meat. Gary says he has never been a person who ate a lot of carbohydrates, and despite coming from a family who often drank alcohol, he avoided it for his health.

Then five or six years ago, Gary started experiencing debilitating pain. He was later diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. He says the pain was so bad it would keep him up at night, and he was forced to use a cane. His doctors told him he would need to be on medications for the rest of his life. Gary experimented with CBD oils, which he said provided some relief from the pain, but the swelling of his joints remained.

Additionally, Gary had a heart scan performed in his early sixties, where it was found he had calcium in his arteries, equal to what doctors would expect for a ninety-year-old. His doctors told him that his heart condition was genetic and he would need open heart surgery eventually. Gary also struggled with his weight during this time and his AIC and was considered borderline type 2 diabetic.

Gary was frustrated that he was struggling despite his “healthy” lifestyle. One day he and his wife were on a road trip, and his wife played Joe Rogan’s podcast interview with Dr. Shawn Baker in the car. Gary was intrigued by all Dr. Baker had to say about the carnivore diet.

Gary began the carnivore diet and immediately dropped his excess weight. His psoriatic arthritis eased, and he could walk without a cane. Also, his A1C returned to an adequate level within a short time. Gary says his doctors are concerned about his cholesterol today, as his LDL is considered high. However, his overall cholesterol ratio is within a healthy range, so he told his doctors he would not take cholesterol medications.

When he began the carnivore diet, Gary says he initially ate two meals daily. Most days, his meals consisted of six to seven hamburger patties for lunch and a large steak for dinner. He has since found that it is too much fat for his body, and he now eats one meal daily. Today his meals consist of a large steak, sometimes fish, and cheese. Gary says, “I will never eat a vegetable again.”

Gary’s wife has also lost seventy pounds from following the carnivore diet. He says no one in his family follows this way of eating, despite seeing the change it has made for him and his wife. Gary says his advice for anyone looking to try the carnivore diet is, “give it three months. If you don’t see results, I will eat my hat.” Gary appreciates the health he has regained since becoming a carnivore diet follower. At sixty-five years old, his health is almost the best it has ever been, and he says he has a lot of life left to live.

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