John gained mental clarity, energy and focus on a carnivore diet

From “SAD” Eater to Carnivore: A Transformation Journey


The first picture was taken in May – I was a “SAD” diet eater and heavy drinker. After two six-week periods of attempts to control and count calories, and then counting calories and periodic fasting (and losing zero weight), I decided to go all-in on Carnivore. I took these pictures monthly from May 17th (day 0) to August 17th, 2020.


The Downfall of Health and Fitness: From Paleo to Unhealthy Habits


I’m currently 37 years old, but In my mid 20’s I was extremely fit and did CrossFit 5 or 6 days a week, ate a strict paleo diet, and was overall really “healthy.” Still, my lifestyle and health declined as I got older (injuries and other hobbies came into play, and I started to work out less). 


My relatively healthy lifestyle took a nosedive in the summer of 2019 when my wife and I had our baby boy – Fitness took a back seat, and as laziness set in, my diet turned into eating pizza, chicken tenders, and any other “junk” I could make while dealing with all the things new parents deal with.


I also started to get into the craft beer scene, and started drinking IPA’s like they were going out of style – and the mimosa-marathon Sundays just got longer and longer…


The excuses are plentiful, but it was all my fault. I let myself go. I ate poorly and drank too much, and I knew I had to make a change. In a period of around six months, I had gone from a 34″ waist to my recently purchased 38″ jeans barely fitting. My belts were almost out of holes…not good!


Discovering the Carnivore Diet: A Turning Point in January 2020


Rewinding a bit: In January 2020, I had this lofty goal of losing weight, stopping drinking, etc. The normal new year’s resolution stuff. I watched the vegan doc “Game Changer” and thought what they showed the viewers was pretty compelling. 


It definitely made me consider the extreme vegan route – not for any moral reasons, but just because I wanted to lose weight and turn things around as far as how I felt.


But, I compared the food on a vegan diet to how successful I had been losing weight by eating a paleo diet and decided I just really couldn’t see myself giving up food that I knew worked for me in the past. 


The one thing that always bothered me with paleo, however, was that I was constantly crapping my brains out. Salads gave me major stomach issues, and lean meat never made me feel really full. 


So even on strict paleo, I was “healthy” looking, I wasn’t fat, but I never felt that good. I remember having ridiculous weekly cheat meals where I’d crush two pizzas by myself. Again, it’s like the diet should work, but it never left me feeling as good as I looked. 


So Feb 2020, I started to move in the direction of eating paleo, but I was still drinking beers, having “cheat meals” all weekend, and sometimes during the week. I couldn’t – at that point – really control my drinking…it had become a habit. I’d drink because that’s what I did when I got home from work. I knew I was in trouble.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet: A Turning Point in January 2020


In March 2020, I was fortunate enough to stumble on the Joe Rogan / Dr. Shawn Baker interview on youtube; that was the beginning of my “game changer.”


The truth is, over the next several weeks, I did a deep dive into the topic. I found the MeatRx website, found Ken Berry, found Saladino, started reading studies, started looking into my family history of medical problems, learned what an autoimmune disease really is, and started to learn all the science behind diet and why it mattered.


Then, on May 17th, 2020. I was drunk off champagne, sitting on my deck, taking pictures with my son, and I saw how fat I had become. I was embarrassed. I was depressed. I let myself go, and it was time to change. I went strict Carnivore on May 18th, 2020.


A Transformational Journey: 90 Days on the Carnivore Diet


This carnivore diet, from about the second week forward, has made me feel better, mentally sharper, more focused, and more energetic. I don’t have cravings for any junk food, I don’t drink anymore – and I don’t have any cravings for alcohol.


I work out almost every day – and remain injury-free. It’s hard to put into words exactly how good I feel. All I can say is that I feel bad for people who don’t eat Carnivore – they have no idea what they’re missing! 


This website, Dr. Baker’s podcasts, and the other info available from this community have opened up the door to learning so much more about health and wellness that I’m confident now that I can say this diet is without a doubt the 3rd best thing to happen to me in the last 20 years (my beautiful bride and baby boy are #1 and 2).


I would guess in 90 days, I’m down at least 40 pounds, but honestly, weight loss is a great side effect that goes along with just how damn good it feels to be on this diet. I eat mostly grocery store beef, less than 10% grass-fed (I think grain-fed just tastes better!). 


I add in organ meat on occasion but find desiccated organ capsules from Amazon are more palatable for me. I get the “carnivore crack” from a local grocery store, I make my own “carnivore” mayo, I eat some cheese, I drink coffee with heavy cream, and I eat the thunder out of some red meat – and the fattier the cuts, the better. 


I feel satiated all the time. I feel “good” all the time. I don’t get headaches, I don’t get sick, and I don’t get tired. I sleep like a baby, I wake up ready to kick ass, and I honestly feel like I’m reverse aging.


The Remarkable Benefits of the Carnivore Diet: Physical and Mental Transformation


I’m a huge advocate of this diet in my social circle. I’ve started to educate my friends and family about the benefits of Carnivore/Keto, I’ve shared information with my mom and sister, who both are suffering from autoimmune diseases (hoping they’ll see the light), and I’m happy to be a part of the “Carnivore” family here.


The stories on the site definitely played a part in my trying this, and I’m happy to now share my success story as well.


I highly recommend this diet to anyone who needs to make a big change in their life – It might be the 3rd best thing to happen to you too.


Three months have totally changed my outlook on the next 20 years of my life. If you stick with the program, I promise after 90 days, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks, Dr. Baker – and team – for what you’re doing. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or want more info.


My only regret is I didn’t get pre-carnivore blood tests. I’m sure you all could have used that (oops!) 




Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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