Greg reduced his Coronary Artery Calcium Score on a carnivore diet

A Shocking Heart Attack: The Start of Greg’s Journey


Greg is from Melbourne, Australia, and shares how he was able to reduce his Coronary Artery Calcium Score by 40%, improved his lab work, and lose weight on a carnivore diet.


Greg believed he was reasonably healthy and exercised regularly, so it was a bit of a shock when he suffered a heart attack in 2016 and had to have an angioplasty and two stents placed in his heart.


Discovering the Power of a Keto-Carnivore Diet


Greg wasn’t sure why this approach wasn’t working for him. When his daughter introduced him to the benefits of a ketogenic diet, Greg was eager to dive into as much research and information that he could find.


“After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, I commenced a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diet in early 2018, and transitioned to a Keto-carnivore diet by 2019.” He’s been following this way of eating for two years, with incredible results.


“I started to understand what had really gone wrong with my health,” Greg explains. “I realized my problem was metabolic health, and that I had high triglycerides, and I was eating a lot of carbs and sugar.


My problem was not eating saturated fat, meat and dairy.” After starting the carnivore diet, Greg noticed he lost weight quickly, shedding 30 pounds.


The Metabolic Health Turnaround: Weight Loss and Reduced Calcium Score


Today, Greg is proud to report that his metabolic health has completely turned around. “In about 15 months, the calcification in my coronary arteries had been reduced by 40%, from 132 to 77, which is very unusual.”


Greg’s doctor, who also happens to follow a carnivore diet, was impressed that he was not only able to stop the progression of heart disease, but was actually able to reverse it. As an added benefit, Greg no longer takes statins or other medication.


Significant Improvements in Lab Results


Since following a meat-based diet, Greg reports significant changes in his lab results. His HDL has increased by 73%, while his triglyceride levels have decreased by 50%. The important LDL/HDL ratio has decreased by 24%.


Greg’s inflammation has improved as well, with the hs-CRP reading at 0.3 mg/L. “I was hoping to at least slow the progression of my heart disease,” Greg says, “but these results have exceeded my greatest expectations.”


Inspiring Hope: Greg’s Story as a Potential Cure for Heart Disease


“My progress, dietary changes, pathology and CACS have been overseen by and can be verified by my physician and cardiologist, and my pathology results and CACS are available for examination,” Greg notes. He encourages someone in the field to contact him if they’d like more information on his story.


“I think a lot of people think that heart disease is a chronic disease that you can’t do much about, and certainly not on a carnivore or meat-based diet,” Greg concludes. “That’s what has surprised me the most.”


Greg’s hope is that his story will inspire researchers and medical professionals to explore what he believes to be a cure for heart disease.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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8 thoughts on “Greg reduced his Coronary Artery Calcium Score on a carnivore diet”

  1. Would like to be in touch with Greg. Also trying to lower my CACS. Been on Keto 2+ years, working towards towards carnivore. Very close now.
    Having trouble encouraging hubby to even go low carb.
    Loved reading this experience.
    Thanks, Mary

  2. Hi, Greg,
    Your story is truly inspiring. My calcium score has been increasing at about 20% per year. I just found carnivore so have hope that this way of eating will help to slow down this progression. My father and brother died at 45 and 30 respectively. Would love to know how you are currently doing and any other strategies that seem to help. Thanks again!
    Marie L.

  3. Claudiu Tirsolea

    Hi there ,
    I also would like to get in touch with Greg if possible.
    I m trying to reduce my calcium score, after a stent insertion on my left artery.

    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Mary here again. Left comment as visitor in Aug 2020, just before starting carnivore. Hoping to also lower CAC score, one year carnivore now and getting ready to set up cardiologist appointment and tests.
      Just joined Revero/meatrx today.
      Still amazed by Greg’s sucess and hope he is continuing in health recovery.

  4. So cool and inspiring Greg. I have a friend who lowered her CAC on her carotid artery doing keto. I just got my CAC score back at zero. I’m 51 and have been high fat low carb for 13 years. Now strictly high fat carnivore.

  5. Your CAC score zero!!
    13 years high fat, low carb? Good for you! How did you find ZIOH, eating this way?
    I’ve been 10 imperfect years but determined to clean up my act since CAC scan says my score is 452.
    I’m 83 All my other numbers are better than perfect.
    Freda Brown

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