Greg reduced his Coronary Artery Calcium Score on a carnivore diet

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Dear Shawn

• I think I have been able to halt and reverse my heart disease on the carnivore diet. 

• I had a heart attack followed by angioplasty and stenting in 2016. • After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight I commenced a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diet in early 2018, and transitioned to a Keto-carnivore diet by 2019. 

• I have successfully maintained this diet for 2 years.Over that time: 

• I have reduced my Coronary Artery Calcium Score by 40% from 132 to 77. 

• I have lost approximately 15 kilograms.My blood tests show: 

• HDL has increased by 73%

 • Triglyceride levels have decreased by 50%

 • LDL/HDL ratio has decreased by 24% 

• Inflammation is way down, with hs-CRP at 0.3 mg/L

I was hoping to at least slow the progression of my heart disease but my results have exceeded my greatest expectations. I am trying to find people in the field that would be interested in how I did this, to research it, and share what seems to me to be a cure for heart disease.If you would like more information or know of someone in the field that would like to investigate what I seem to have done please contact me. My progress, dietary changes, pathology and CACS have been overseen by and can be verified by my physician and cardiologist, and my pathology results and CACS are available for examination.

Watch or listen to Greg’s interview on the podcast below:

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6 thoughts on “Greg reduced his Coronary Artery Calcium Score on a carnivore diet”

  1. Would like to be in touch with Greg. Also trying to lower my CACS. Been on Keto 2+ years, working towards towards carnivore. Very close now.
    Having trouble encouraging hubby to even go low carb.
    Loved reading this experience.
    Thanks, Mary

  2. Hi, Greg,
    Your story is truly inspiring. My calcium score has been increasing at about 20% per year. I just found carnivore so have hope that this way of eating will help to slow down this progression. My father and brother died at 45 and 30 respectively. Would love to know how you are currently doing and any other strategies that seem to help. Thanks again!
    Marie L.

  3. Hi there ,
    I also would like to get in touch with Greg if possible.
    I m trying to reduce my calcium score, after a stent insertion on my left artery.

    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Mary here again. Left comment as visitor in Aug 2020, just before starting carnivore. Hoping to also lower CAC score, one year carnivore now and getting ready to set up cardiologist appointment and tests.
      Just joined Revero/Revero today.
      Still amazed by Greg’s sucess and hope he is continuing in health recovery.

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