Mark credits carnivore diet with quick recovery after biking accident


Mark’s carnivore story takes the phrase “meat heals” to a whole other level!


On Saturday June 6, 2020, Mark suffered a mountain bike crash that rendered him unconscious and resulted in a concussion. “I had no broken bones and the only other injury was a cut on my left cheek which required four stitches,” Mark explains.


At the time of his accident, Mark had been following a meat-based diet, with 90% of his total calories coming from animal products, and completely void of seed oils and processed foods.


A Meat-Based Diet Aids Recovery from a Mountain Bike Crash


“As you can see from the attached photos eight days after the accident, my recovery was remarkable!” Mark and his wife, who also follows a carnivore diet, give full credit of his fast recovery to the meat-based way of eating and keeping a physically active lifestyle.


“Family and friends have been astonished by my recovery, and so I’m spreading the word.” Mark notes that he recovered faster from this accident than he had from a similar injury at age 28.


At 49 years old, Mark feels fortunate to have been following a meat-based diet for most of his life. His interest in weight lifting began at just 12 years old. Mark continues to enjoy all kinds of athletic achievements, ranging from dirt bike racing, skiing, trail running, weight lifting, and more.


Even thirty years ago during the low-fat craze, Mark regularly enjoyed half a dozen eggs and ground beef for breakfast, a meal that helped fuel his athletic pursuits. “Put down the power bars, and pick up a steak!” he jokes.


Mark’s Active Lifestyle and Meat-Based Diet Keep Him Healthy


Mark believes another key to his success and continued health is due to avoiding restaurants that use seed oils. “I figured out the reason I felt sick after eating at restaurants is that many of them are using all these cheap ingredients and seeds oils.


It made sense why I would feel bad later on.” If Mark does find himself needing to eat while traveling for work, he will occasionally have plain cheeseburgers and skip the bun.


Most of the time, though, he and his wife cook at home and enjoy ground beef with eggs, ribeye and NY Strip steaks, pork butt, and chuck roast for their main meals. Carnivore-friendly snacks include bacon-wrapped scallops, baked chicken wings, and carnivore-style coconut shrimp battered with crushed pork rinds.


Avoiding Seed Oils and Restaurants Leads to Improved Health


Mark’s wife has also had success healing her chronic inflammation with a carnivore diet. “My wife is 48 and noticed her knees were creaky. Between weightlifting and carnivore, she’s been able to take care of all of her inflammatory issues.”


Coincidentally, Mark and his wife both heard about the carnivore diet from different online sources, and decided to jump in together. “We decided to get back on track so that we can move the way we want to move.”


Today, they are happy to share their story in hopes that it will give others a reason to stick with the carnivore way of eating.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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