German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer thriving on carnivore diet

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In May of 2019 my beloved German Shepherd was diagnosed with colon cancer she was just 6 years old.  The vet told me that it was not curable even with surgery, chemo and radiation.  With all those things she could possibly live 12 months, without them I was looking at 2-5 months tops.  

Heat broken, I decided not to put her through those things since they could not cure her.  I decided to make her last months the best I could and I accidentally put her on the carnivore diet.  I figured if she only had a few months to live I’d spoil her with steaks, burgers, chicken and pork.  And that’s all she ate with occasional cheese.     

Now 16 months in she’s still thriving.  She’s great, you wouldn’t even know she was sick if you didn’t know.  Every three months I take her to the vet and they 

1) can’t believe she’s still with us and; 

2) when I tell them what she’s eating they try and get me to put her back on dry dog food telling me her diet isn’t giving her enough nutrients?  

It’s so crazy, I mean she’s lived long past their guess, why would I do that?  So crazy!!  And I feel they are a good vet?  So confusing?  After seeing her success I decided to join her in solidarity and have started my own journey and have never felt better.  I hope to write you back again soon with my own sucess story.

Watch or listen to Tiber’s success story on the podcast below: 

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19 thoughts on “German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer thriving on carnivore diet”

  1. I’m actually really interested in switching my dogs over from processed dog food because I know it is crap…can you elaborate more on what you feed your GS?? Love the story, so glad your pup is doing so well!

      1. BARF is not an optimal diet for dogs.
        It has carbohydrates and dogs don’t need them.
        Dogs will thrive and have an optimal health with a pure carnivore diet.
        One of my dogs has been on strict carnivore for over 3 years now. Another one, since January this year. Their health is perfect.
        They only eat raw ground beef, raw eggs, slightly cooked chicken livers and chicken hearts, cooked pork, and sometimes, sardines.
        They only eat once a day, and food amount is approximately 1.5% of their weight.
        Nothing else needed.

        1. The only aspect of the diet I would be careful with is the raw chicken.
          Campylobacter bacteria seems to be an issue for 16% of the dogs who catch this bacteria that somehow attaches itself to the spine near the dog’s hind quarter. The immune system attacks it. The symptoms are paralysis ( First symptom is a soft bark, then their back legs go first, then their front legs) and if caught soon enough, avoiding raw chicken would allow the dog to recover in 3 months. There are only a few vets who understand this issue in the U.S. and Australian vets are beginning to realize that this is a common issue among the 16%.

          1. You are correct. I don’t feed my dogs chicken. Only chicken livers and chicken hearts, and slightly cooked. However, I also supplement them every so often with Lugol’s iodine (they need iodine, just like us, and it’s the best wide spectrum antibiotic in existence) and I have do a natural de-worming protocol on them which eliminates all parasites (heart, intestinal, etc.), so I’m not worried about any bacteria or virus in existence. And just as Paul Veneman wrote above, my 10 year old dog behaves like a 5 year old!, playing all the time and her teeth are clean just like if she had had a dental procedure in the vet a week ago! She hasn’t seen the vet in 2 years, when she did for a dental procedure, and hopefully she will never see a vet again. Same for the male (5 year old) that I rescued from the street in January. His teeth are almost 100% clean, without going to the vet, because of zero carbs food. And they were horrendous when I rescued him!

          2. We fed our Golden Retriever an almost exclusive raw chicken diet from the time he was a pup till he he died at almost 13. None of the issues you spoke of .

    1. Dogs and cats need to eat the way nature intended. That includes muscle meat, fat, and bone. Raw, as they would find in nature.

  2. I have two German Shepherd‘s and fully believe in carnivore for them.
    They get sirloin chicken pork tenderloin steak roast beef eggs as the mainstay of their diet Origen to supplement occasionally.

    1. Why would you supplement your pet’s diet with junk food? I don’t understand. Bag dog food has absolutely no nutrients in it whatsoever. It’s like you eating a steak, followed up by a bag of Doritos.

  3. Love this story. My childhood dog (GSH/Collie) lived more than 22 years. He was offered dog food but he refused and spent most of his years hunting for his own food. We were fortunate to live in a wooded rural area and he would sometimes be gone for days.
    Having had this experience I know this woe is for me.

  4. ok i m trying something similar with my 2 cats for 365++ days. no hairloss. no tiques. but what exactly do you suggest for them ground beef seems to much fat. chicken seems ok. rabbit?? or just a slice of your own meal?i eat fatty and how much????

  5. You say the Vet says she’s not getting enough vitamins? Give her some beef liver as well in the mix. Warlaaaaah. Good job. Lovely fur baby. 🤗

  6. This is WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy to hear this for you and your dog !!! When I hear “Blue Buffalo” pet food commercials on tv, which say something like, “inside every dog is a wolf. Feed them meat!” I think it is so wonderful that people are realizing that dogs’ biologically appropriate diet is MEAT. I’m hopeful that soon many more people will realize that grains are inappropriate food for dogs and for people. Dogs and humans have a biologically appropriate diet = meat! 🙂

    What a wonderful success story.

    (As a Revero Coach, I’m glad to help provide support or with any questions –

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