Robert is no longer sore, is now free from anxiety on a carnivore diet

Robert’s Journey To Freedom From Addiction And Anxiety With The Carnivore Diet


Robert found freedom from sugar addiction, anxiety, yo-yo dieting, slow metabolism, heartburn, and more just 50 days into his carnivore journey.


Overcoming ADHD And Anxiety With The Meat-Based Diet


“I was constantly sore, and anxiety from work was leaking into other facets of my life,” Robert, 30, says of his life before a meat-based diet. “It affected my personal relationships and work performance.”


He joined a 30-day carnivore challenge and is now in his second month. He had some digestive issues the first few days, but those quickly resolved, and he went on to lose 22.5 pounds in his first month. “My weight has either been down or stable the entire time I’ve been Carnivore.”


Robert shares his struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and extreme anxiety. “I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in my thoughts and reactions,” he shares.


“Rather than feeling anxious, I’m just prepared for whatever challenges and contingencies life throws at me. My brain fog is completely gone, and I’m able to access information as soon as I need it.”


He took medication for ADHD for 15 years but found that the diet seemed to fill in the gaps. “Now I can focus, and I can dial in my thoughts like never before.”


Beating Sugar Addiction And Achieving Clear Skin On The Carnivore Diet


Finding a path out of sugar addiction has been a huge win for Robert. He recalls late-night snack runs and a lack of willpower that controlled his decisions. “When that monkey was on my back, I was weak, and I broke promises to myself every day. I was letting myself down.”


As a construction worker, acne left him feeling self-conscious and swollen skin sometimes made movement difficult. “This diet put me in charge of my body,” Robert shares. “Acne was a real problem, and now I don’t have a pimple on my body, not one! All of a sudden, I now have really clear skin. It’s just beautiful.”


Thriving Metabolism, No More Heartburn: Benefits Of A Meat-Based Diet


Inwardly, Robert is amazed the most at how much faster his metabolism is on a meat-based diet. “My metabolism is the icing on the cake! It was so slow on a carb-heavy diet, but now it’s thriving.”


After suffering from heartburn since age 13, Robert is thrilled to be free of burning indigestion. “I was popping antacids like candy. My heartburn used to kick down the door!” he jokes. He’s enjoying a more “clean energy” and only requires just 4-7 hours of sleep a night to feel his best.


Simple And Budget-Friendly: Robert’s Approach To Carnivore Eating


Robert keeps his meals simple and chooses budget-friendly cuts of steak, ground beef, and eggs. He spends about $10-$15.00 a day on his meals, a huge savings from his prior food choices.


“I’m a better student, a better father, and a better boyfriend. I have better focus and no cravings, and I’m not wasting time or feeling regret from eating foods that did me no justice,” he says.


Robert’s sincere hope is for others to find the freedom he has found on a carnivore diet. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to see you do well, so make the change!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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