August 24, 2020

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Ex-vegan heals his eczema and regains his health on a carnivore diet

Tanel-Enn was vegan for three years, and shares his journey of how he healed from eczema and a sickly body in less than six months following a carnivore diet.   “The reason why I’m not vegan anymore are the same reasons why I went vegan in the first place,” Tanel-Enn shares with his YouTube followers. His main motivation was the

Robert is no longer sore, is now free from anxiety on a carnivore diet

Robert’s Journey To Freedom From Addiction And Anxiety With The Carnivore Diet   Robert found freedom from sugar addiction, anxiety, yo-yo dieting, slow metabolism, heartburn, and more just 50 days into his carnivore journey.   Overcoming ADHD And Anxiety With The Meat-Based Diet   “I was constantly sore, and anxiety from work was leaking into other facets of my life,”

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