Ex-vegan heals his eczema and regains his health on a carnivore diet

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Tanel-Enn was vegan for three years, and shares his journey of how he healed from eczema and a sickly body in less than six months following a carnivore diet.

“The reason why I’m not vegan anymore are the same reasons why I went vegan in the first place,” Tanel-Enn shares with his YouTube followers. His main motivation was the promises of health and wellness, connection to nature, and transcending the need to eat animals. To those currently following a vegan lifestyle, he notes that we have more in common with each other than we think, and we can all learn something as we strive for better health and constructive communication.

Tanel-Enn notes that he probably still would be vegan if he hadn’t developed atopic eczema, a painful autoimmune skin disorder that left him anxious, weak, emaciated. “After a few months of being meat-based, I recovered pretty fast thanks to high quality local grass-fed animal foods,” he recalls. “I see veganism as a malnourishment cult. I’ll continue to use my voice to share my experience and warn people of the potential dangers and consequences of this flawed ideology.”

Tanel-Enn suffered from leaky gut, chronic inflammation, bloating, allergies and various autoimmune responses. “All of the vegetables and grain I was eating wreaked havoc on my gut. When I added back animal foods, which are more nutrient dense and more easily digested, I was able to restore my physical and mental health and I enjoy consistent energy throughout the day.”

Though he may have some genetic factors that predispositioned him to skin issues, Tanel-Enn suffered from eczema flare-ups while vegan that often left open wounds for many months. He suffered withdrawal from topical steroid treatments and antihistamines which just covered up his symptoms. Fasting was the initial step he took to heal. “Fasting is the go-to treatment for flare-ups, it’s a process called autophagy,” he explains. “Listen to your body, and learn the difference between appetite and real hunger.”

Now that he’s healed, Tanel-Enn continues to branch out and try different foods to see which plant foods he may be able to incorporate. He is a strong advocate for the benefits of regenerative farming, versus the often criticized practice of monocrop farming. “Regenerative animal agriculture it’s wonderful, this is the key forward, not veganism.”

For his environmentally supportive approach to a meat-based diet, Tanel-Enn enjoys goat milk, raw cheeses, and farm-fresh local eggs. “I recommend easy to digest foods such as raw salmon, fish, grass-fed beef, mutton, organ meat, and good butter.” As for non-carnivore foods, he includes the juice of fermented cabbage, mushrooms, seasonal fruits, and soft lettuce.

Tanel-Enn’s main motivator is his desire to start a family someday, and he encourages his followers to pay attention to their mindset. “We are accountable to not only ourselves and our own health, but also what we pass on to our family. Your pain right now will become the fruitfulness for tomorrow, it will be your strength, your fuel, your focus and determination during your healing process. You can be your own healer.”

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1 thought on “Ex-vegan heals his eczema and regains his health on a carnivore diet”

  1. Watched this guy’s video when YouTube suggested them to me. AWESOME story – if ever there was a story to make people switch to carnivore, his is it! Love the story and how he explains everything is great. So excited to see his success!

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