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German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer thriving on carnivore diet

Tiber’s Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Decision   Corinne, mom of a lovable 6-year-old German shepherd, got the kind of news every pet parent dreads: Tiber had colon cancer, and the vet believed it was incurable. Faced with this terrible news, Corinne and her family had a decision to make.   Would they proceed with surgery and cancer treatments to extend

Adam overcomes plant-based diet, has improvements on carnivore diet

Discover how Adam (and his dog!) both overcame the negative effects of a plant-based diet and the many benefits that have come along with the Carnivore Diet, including better athletic performance and recovery, better digestion, mental clarity, and clearer skin.   Meet Adam, the Carnivore Diet Advocate, and His Dog’s Incredible Transformation   Adam is 42 years old and has

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