Dragos got rid of his fatigue on a carnivore diet

Hello Meat RX team and other readers,


My name is Dragos. I’m 38, and 18 months ago, I started cleaning up my eating with some keto, but for close to a year, I’ve been mainly Carnivore, also eating only once a day. I was 222 lbs on Dec 31st, 2018, and now at 178 lbs, I feel better than ever.

Growing Up In Eastern Europe


I played Waterpolo from 11 to 24 and was exercising close to 4-5 hrs a day in my teens and 20s. Needless to say, growing up in Eastern Europe in the 90s in a middle-class household, our red meat intake was minimal, if not zero / week.


I grew up stuffing my face with carbs and sugar, eating a loaf of bread a day easily, accompanied by lots of potatoes. I also was eating raw sugar most days after practice in order to partially tame my craving for protein.

I would go take naps in my car during my lunch break and going to the bathroom was not a fun experience considering the bad case of hemorrhoids I was suffering from. 

Continuing My Bad Habits


The problem was, I took these bad eating habits with me in my late 20s and 30s, long after I stopped working out 4-5hrs / day.


At my worst, I was 222 lbs, constantly tired, getting very poor quality sleep, stomach and heart burns, and low back, neck, and knee pain was always present. I would go take naps in my car during my lunch break, and going to the bathroom was not a fun experience considering the bad case of hemorrhoids I was suffering from.


Now, Healthier Than Ever


I just want to point out that my muscular skeleton has never been as healthy or toned as it is now at 38, not even when I was in my peak physical shape playing in my early 20s, and what’s crazy is I accomplished this in a little over a year.


These days I barely lift weights. I mostly do cardio and HIIT classes at my gym + 4-5hrs of Jiu-jitsu a week.


I feel amazing and red meat is the no. 1 through no. Ninety-nine reasons this is possible.


Thank you, Dr. Baker. You have changed my life.

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