The Carnivore diet helped George get leaner than ever

Hello, my name is George. I would like to share with you my results on carnivore.

Radical Change In Only Three Months


In only three months, my body had radically changed. In months four and five, I was shredded, and veins were starting to appear where I had never seen them before on any other diet, as you can see in the photos I have attached.


No Calory Counting


I did not have to monitor calories. I just ate at my hunger what I wanted carnivore food and was training daily with so much strength and increasing power and weight. I did use sweeteners frequently for my coffee, tea, and zero drinks.


I have an IG channel where I post my meals: Carnivoreshredz

Cheating Led Sugar And Carb Addiction

The problem is that one day, I decided to have a cheat day. One month later, I was having another two cheat days. So, I gained a little bit of weight but then dropped it off by pursuing Carnivore. 


Next thing you know, I have sugar cravings all over the place. Seven or eight months into Carnivore, I decided to stop the diet and resume eating carbs and sugar.


I became addicted and gained all the weight back. I was having pain in areas I had never before, especially feet and leg joints.

Back On The Wagon

Now, I have decided to go back to Carnivore WOE, and it has been a month on Carnivore again. Results are starting to come slowly, and most importantly, sugar addiction is dead.


I am starting to feel better and would like to stick to this WOE long-term to gain my health, focus, energy, and power back.


Let me know if I can share more information with you.


Thank you, Dr. Baker, for being a great Doctor!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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