David improved his diverticulitis, strength and energy on a carnivore diet

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I came across Dr. Baker’s videos 4 weeks ago. Mind blown. I’m 62, 196lbs, 5’11”. Gall stones, diverticulitis. 5 years ago I had such severe digestion problems I could eat anything. Diagnosed with gall stones so stayed away from fried foods, etc… I took digestive enzymes which helped some. I started keto diet 2+ years ago. Ate mostly fish and veggies- no meat. Felt weaker and weaker each month. Still had to take enzymes for digestion, didn’t lose any weight for the two years except when I starved myself for several days at a time. 

Since I found Dr Baker’s videos I have been eating meat (mostly rib-eyes) for each meal with some relapses but just a handful. Feel satisfied like never before. Many cravings I had are gone. Lost 12 lbs since starting (was 206). Getting  much stronger (with little or no excercise -yet-that’s next)! Yesterday I climbed ladders and hung wall-paper in my living room for 10 hours straight! Impossible just a month ago. I no longer feel the need to take naps in the afternoon too which is a big change. 

TODAY – for the first time I DID NOT take digestive enzymes (which are plant-based btw) had a rib-eye and FELT NO stomach or digestion problems at all! Incredible. I really think this is the diet we were meant to eat. I’m thrilled to be a member of Revero and very glad I found Dr. Shawn’s videos on YT and this group!
David V.

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