David improved his diverticulitis, strength and energy on a carnivore diet


David was a relative newcomer to the carnivore lifestyle when he sent his success story, having found Dr. Baker’s videos only four weeks earlier. He is enthusiastic about his learning and says, “Mind blown.”


David’s Struggle With Digestive Issues And Failed Diets


David is 62 years old, weighs 196 lbs., and is 5′ 11” tall. He has had some serious digestive issues for several years. He experienced gallstones and diverticulitis as well. Five years ago, he found himself in such rough shape that he says, “I had such severe digestion problems I couldn’t eat anything.”


The Search For A Solution: The Carnivore Diet Lifestyle


Looking for answers, David finally found some when he was diagnosed with gallstones. This led to the common medical advice to avoid fats, and David says he “stayed away from fried foods, etc.…”


He learned that digestive enzymes could help break down fats, so he “took digestive enzymes which helped some.” It’s important to note that while fats can trigger a gallbladder attack, the underlying cause is gallstones, which are usually calcium oxalate. That comes from plants, not fats.


David learned about the ketogenic diet and started following that diet two years ago. However, he tried to structure the diet differently and says that he “ate mostly fish and veggies- no meat.” This didn’t work out for him, as his body probably had trouble getting enough fat to become fat-adapted and achieve a state of ketosis.


He tried to continue on a diet but found that it was failing him, and he “Felt weaker and weaker each month.” On top of that, David “still had to take enzymes for digestion.” He wanted to lose weight, but despite the success of others, the ketogenic didn’t pan out for him, and David found he “didn’t lose any weight for the two years except when I starved myself for several days at a time.”


The Benefits Of Saturated Fats And Meat-Based Meals


Eventually, David came across information about the carnivore diet lifestyle, and he decided this was what he needed. He says, “Since I found Dr. Baker’s videos, I have been eating meat (mostly rib-eyes) for each meal with some relapses but just a handful.”


Because saturated fats trigger satiety better than any other foods, David found he could “Feel satisfied like never before. Many cravings I had are gone.”


David’s Success On The Carnivore Diet: Improved Energy, Weight Loss, And Digestive Health


As his body transitioned to burning up fats for fuel, the metabolic magic kicked in, and David “Lost 12 lbs since starting (was 206). Getting much stronger (with little or no exercise -yet-that’s next)!


Yesterday I climbed ladders and hung wallpaper in my living room for 10 hours straight! Impossible just a month ago. I no longer feel the need to take naps in the afternoon, too, which is a big change.


“TODAY – for the first time, I DID NOT take digestive enzymes (which are plant-based, btw), had a rib-eye, and FELT NO stomach or digestion problems at all! Incredible. I really think this is the diet we were meant to eat. I’m thrilled to be a member of Carnivore.Diet and very glad I found Dr. Shawn’s videos on YT and this group!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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