December 17, 2019

Real People, Real Results.

David improved his diverticulitis, strength and energy on a carnivore diet

David was a relative newcomer to the carnivore lifestyle when he sent his success story, having found Dr. Baker’s videos only four weeks earlier. He is enthusiastic about his learning and says, “Mind blown.”   David’s Struggle With Digestive Issues And Failed Diets   David is 62 years old, weighs 196 lbs., and is 5′ 11” tall. He has had

Joel improved Crohn’s disease on carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Joel. I was raised in a small agricultural town on a standard American diet including plenty of local fruits and vegetables.  Although I was eating similarly to my family and peers, I started to see signs of poor digestive function in early adolescence.  These included severe heartburn, IBS, and abdominal pain. I also experienced poor skin

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