David improved digestion, fitness, liver health on carnivore diet

David, a busy dad of three children, found greater energy, better digestion, and recovered from fatty liver while following the carnivore diet for the past two years.


How David Discovered The Carnivore Diet

Prior to discovering the carnivore diet, David followed a ketogenic diet in his home country of Malaysia. He had recently been diagnosed with fatty liver and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and turned to a low-carb diet to see if he’d find relief. It wasn’t until he switched to the carnivore diet a year later that he finally healed from both conditions.


Healing From Fatty Liver And IBS With The Carnivore Diet

“In the past two years, I’ve actually healed myself from fatty liver and IBS,” David explains. “My bowel movements are great now. I’ve dropped from a two-digit visceral fat score to a single-digit, very low score.” 

Visceral fat surrounds the body’s organs, and a high score (over 13) can indicate there is increased inflammation in the body and a greater risk for high blood pressure.


The Surprising Benefits Of A Meat-Based Diet For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

David was surprised to learn that after switching to a meat-based diet, he didn’t need to spend hours in the gym. Though he rarely has time to work out, he has been able to lose fat, build muscle, and drop from 176 pounds (80 kg) to 139 pounds (63 kg). 

“I’m still losing a little bit more fat, but I’m still retaining or gaining muscle,” David shares. “It’s quite easy to maintain weight and health on this diet.”


More Energy, Better Mental Clarity, And Improved Libido On The Carnivore Diet

More energy and better mental clarity have made it even easier for David to commit to Carnivore. “Since I’ve switched to a carnivore diet and removed pretty much all plants–and even now, I’m trying to remove coffee–I realize that my mental clarity is far better, and my energy is great.” He also reports that his libido has greatly improved.


Better Sleep, Skin, Teeth, And Nails On The Carnivore Diet

Another welcome benefit of the carnivore diet has been better quality sleep. David notes, “I sleep much better than I did before. Even though I only sleep 4-6 hours per night, which is all I seem to need, I wake up refreshed and can power through the day.” He enjoys the fact that he has steady energy throughout the day and no longer requires naps.


Outwardly, David’s skin texture and tone have significantly improved since removing all plants from his diet and strictly adhering to the carnivore diet. He used to struggle with acne but now enjoys skin that glows and responds well to the sun. He was able to ditch his sunblock as his skin no longer burned. 


“The skin on my face used to be either too dry or too oily, but now it has pretty much stabilized.” David was able to ditch expensive skincare routines since the overall texture and tone greatly improved. “I don’t need to put any cream or lotions on anymore. If I do, it’s just to enhance what’s already there.”


Similarly, David’s nails and teeth are stronger and healthier than ever. “I don’t have any cold or aching feelings in my teeth, and I no longer get mouth sores.” For David, this way of eating has given him a whole new outlook on his health. He confidently declares, “The carnivore diet–just try it! You’ll never regret it.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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