Dante improved mental health, skin, treated asthma on carnivore diet

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I am currently 25 years old and have been eating beef, liver, salt and water for the past 65 days.

I grew up with classic autoimmune disorder. I remember seeing psoriasis on the back of my legs when I was a toddler and throughout the years it has flared up and even stayed on some embarrassing areas of my body like my face. I also had asthma which required me to use an inhaler whenever I ran too much. My immune system was trash as a kid just like many of you. I remember getting sick constantly. It wasn’t all bad though. My dad was really into exercising and brought me to the gym with him even as a toddler. Despite my limitations, I grew up loving to exercise and played all kinds of sports. Eventually I grew out of the inhaler but other symptoms started to arise. I was taken out of lacrosse in high school for almost 2 years because of a recurring lower back injury that doctors couldn’t figure out. No matter how much I stretched it always felt weak. But I continued to exercise over the years and by age 21 my back never bothers me anymore, but that was when I started messing around with my diet.

From age 15 I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks but never knew why. it wasn’t till I hit my 20’s that I experienced depression. About 6 years ago I started CrossFit and it was awesome. I use to be one of those guys that thought no matter what you ate turned into energy or muscle. My health started to decline about 3 years ago and I knew I needed to make a change before things got out of my control.

Once I started experimenting with my diet my anxiety and depression would get much worse when I went back to a bigger variety of food. The more restricted I was, the better I felt. Eventually by age 25 I had no energy at the gym and my skin was getting really bad. Periods of anxiety and depression were constant everyday at the beginning of 2019. I don’t recommend this, but I was scared to go to the doctors because I know the depression medication is harmful for some people, and I was determined to fix the problems, not just put a band aid on them.

I eventually heard Shawn Baker on Rogan and started experimenting with carnivore. I am now 65 days into it and I feel better than I ever have. I do want to say though, it took 55 days for me to feel better. It is possible my body was extremely ill, or i just detox plant toxins slowly. I am sure it is a number of factors but my anxiety and depression is gone and my skin is getting better everyday.

I really feel like a new person.

I am also feeling great in the gym and my body is looking really good too. I just want to encourage everyone to not give up at first. there is a period of time when you’re detoxing and adjusting to the new diet that is extremely hard. Just be patient and give it time.

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