Cheryl improved anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and cravings on a carnivore diet

Cheryl had a long history of struggling with disordered eating, anxiety, and depression and found herself tired of feeling unhealthy and unsatisfied. She decided to radically change her lifestyle and, after some research, she found the carnivore diet.

Beginning the Journey

Transitioning from a life of dietary restrictions and mental struggles, Cheryl decided to give the carnivore diet a chance. This animal-based diet emphasizes meat consumption and eliminates most other food groups. It was significantly different from the food habits she had clung to for so long. However, she embraced the change with determination, knowing something had to give for her to regain control over her health and well-being.

Notable Improvements

In time, Cheryl started noticing significant changes. Her anxiety levels dropped, as did the depression that had been a constant for many years. She found herself in a much better mental state, experiencing a level of clarity she hadn’t felt in a long time. Her energy levels also improved significantly, allowing her to embrace her daily activities with a new sense of purpose.

Navigating Cravings and Adjusting Taste

With the new diet came new challenges. Cheryl had to navigate occasional cravings for foods she no longer consumed. Initially, seeing someone eating something she used to enjoy would trigger these cravings. However, as time passed, her desire for such foods diminished drastically. She now sees food like chicken and sugar, which she once enjoyed, as unnecessary and even harmful. Her new preference? Beef. Specifically, she developed a fondness for steak, which she savors with butter and salt.

Changing Lifestyle and Social Perspectives

The carnivore diet wasn’t just a dietary shift. It also meant confronting social norms and expectations. Initially, social situations were awkward as her dietary choices were different from those around her. However, with time, Cheryl and her husband developed a way to stay true to their lifestyle while still engaging with others. The couple even made changes at home to accommodate their new dietary needs, including buying an extra freezer to store the meat they now consume in larger quantities.

Looking Forward

Cheryl’s journey is just beginning She plans on gradually moving towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle, with dreams of owning a couple of acres, raising chickens, and perhaps even cows, to produce her own food.

Spreading the Word

Though not overly vocal about her lifestyle, Cheryl feels a responsibility to share her journey. She believes that the carnivore diet could be a potential solution for those who are battling with their mental and physical health like she had been. She encourages those curious about the diet to give it a chance, start by eliminating sugar, and gradually move towards an animal-based diet.

A Different Perspective

Cheryl’s journey brings a different perspective on health and nutrition and how an unconventional dietary choice can lead to significant improvements in mental and physical health. Through determination and a willingness to step outside her comfort zone, Cheryl has managed to regain control over her health and improve her quality of life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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