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Debbie improved kidney function, mental health on carnivore diet

Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet   Debbie, 68, was introduced to the ketogenic diet two years ago when her sister asked her for help finding low-carb recipes. “As I began collecting keto recipes, my interest in the low-carb approach caught my interest, and I decided to give it a try.”   Her husband of 31 years was more reluctant, however.

Thom improves joint pain, mood, sleep, and weight loss on a carnivore diet

Shawn,   I found you on Twitter because Amy Berger mentioned you. I had just been insulted by two friends within 24 hours, both of whom said I was fat.   In addition, I had been told by basketball officiating observers that if I wanted big games and tournament assignments, I needed to lose weight.   One of the big

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