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Coach Charity’s improved pregnancy experience on a carnivore diet

Charity is a carnivore coach, who previously was a vegetarian for over 10 years, “super super grain heavy, super bean heavy.” She was experiencing severe gut issues, and “had chronic constipation for three solid years. Every single day I dealt with this.”

She would also get hangry, very emotional and sweaty when she was hungry, as her blood sugar dropped.


While Charity was a vegetarian, she “was a group fitness instructor, so I was teaching a lot of these high-intensity interval training classes” and also exercising herself at other times.

Charity now realizes that she wasn’t feeding her body properly. “Halfway through my pregnancy, I was hit with this sudden, uncontrollable craving for ice, and I don’t normally like ice!”


Charity learned that this is called pica, which is a craving for a non-food item. In her case it was ice, but in many cases it can be something harmful or toxic. “I learned that it was a symptom of anemia, so in the third trimester, when they tested my blood again, I was severely anemic.”

Her blood sugar levels were unstable, and she gained 35 pounds before giving birth.

Vegetarian Birth

“I was in early labor for five days.” After five days, she went to the hospital, but her labor had stopped “so I had to be put on pitocin to keep it going…16 hours later, on pitocin, I delivered.” Afterward, Charity hemorrhaged, and lost a lot of blood.

“That really put me behind on a lot. My milk didn’t come in for four or five days, I was super gray and sallow in the hospital, I was not able to walk around.” It would take a month for her to recover, and then she had pelvic floor issues as well.

Vegetarian Low-Carb Keto

Two years later, Charity and her husband decided to try low-carb, and then keto, but remaining vegetarian made it a challenge. After some research, she decided to eat meat again, and realized “I loved meat, and I was starving!” She gradually became completely carnivore.

Charity liked the simplicity of carnivore, and decided to stay with it. Her gut problems all resolved, after years of problems, and her blood sugar stabilized.

The Carnivore Baby

Charity’s iron levels actually rose during this pregnancy, and she only gained 20 pounds. “I felt amazing; I didn’t have that depleted feeling that I had had…my blood sugars were way more stable.” Her labor and delivery were straightforward, with three hours of early labor and then being 50% effaced at the hospital. She did not hemorrhage.

After the delivery, Charity was “up, a little sore, a little tired. It was crazy, really, the difference, my coloring, I was able to walk out of the hospital instead of in a wheelchair.”

“I couldn’t believe how vital and strong I felt, even though I had just birthed a whole human.” Her milk was normal, and she experienced no pelvic floor problems.

“It was like night and day, a completely different experience!”

Ryan healed depression, obesity, sleep apnoea, addictions all from a carnivore lifestyle

Ryan spent many years of his life yo-yo dieting. He experimented with vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets but had relatively zero success. At his heaviest, Ryan weighed over 340 pounds. Ryan says he recognizes that he has a food addiction and an addiction to beer. Ryan also developed severe bloating and depression, as well as arthritis in his hands that made it difficult to do the things he loved, such as playing the bagpipes.

Ryan lost one hundred pounds on his own by eating multiple small meals a day that were low in calories and high in carbohydrates. Though he lost weight, Ryan says he was miserable.

A friend introduced him to the carnivore diet in the fall of 2019. Though Ryan experienced some transitional issues initially, particularly diarrhea, he began to thrive on the carnivore diet. He says, “it was like someone flipped a light switch.” Ryan was doing well on the carnivore diet, losing weight and inflammation, until he was in a severe dirt biking accident in January 2020.

Ryan ended up having multiple surgeries and struggled to walk. During this time, Rayn fell off his carnivore diet into a cycle of heavy pain medications and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Ryan felt depressed and regained most of the weight he had previously lost.

In January 2021, Ryan decided he had had enough. He got back into the carnivore lifestyle. To create accountability for himself, Ryan started logging his weight weekly on the popular social media platform TicTok. Within four months of restarting his carnivore journey, Ryan lost forty pounds, and his arthritis and bloating disappeared. Ryan says he has also improved his mental clarity and depression. For the first time, he knows what it feels like not to experience intense mental fog and to feel genuinely happy and depression-free.

Ryan says at the beginning of his carnivore journey, he ate a lot of pork rinds, cheese, and a few sugar-free condiments but has since cut them out. He says the cheese was causing him to produce more mucus, and the cheese and pork rinds were causing him to display addictive behaviors. Today he eats mostly beef, mainly ribeyes, and ground beef he buys from Butcher Box. Ryan also eats eggs and drinks coffee every morning with butter and collagen. Ryan has also completely cut himself off from drinking beer but will enjoy a scotch or tequila from time to time.

Ryan is still recovering from his injuries and says when he started back on his carnivore journey, he practiced a lot of yoga, meditation, and cold therapy. In May of this year, he added weightlifting, but he still has a long way to go. However, he is conscious that his carnivore eating is helping him heal much faster than a Standard American Diet.

Ryan advises anyone looking to begin the carnivore diet to “give it thirty days.” He knows anyone can feel better with this eating method– Ryan himself is living proof. He says, “I finally feel like me.”

Kimberly resolved adult-onset cystic acne and lost 15lbs

Kimberly describes before finding the carnivore way of eating, her diet “could have been better.” Kimberly was an athlete for most of her childhood and into her early twenties. Kimberly says she ate whatever she wanted on the Standard American Diet and didn’t fear gaining weight because she was so active. That all changed when she injured her knee while playing volleyball in college. Kimberly suddenly became very inactive and started to put on weight.

At her heaviest, Kimberly weighed 260 pounds. Kimberly says at just twenty-four years old, she was well on her way to becoming diabetic. Kimberly also developed eczema, cystic acne, and severe bloating. She spent several years trying to lose weight with an “eat less, move more mentality,” but nothing worked.

In 2018, Kimberly learned about the carnivore diet and the effects of fiber on the gut by listening to Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Kevin Stock. Kimberly decided to jump into the diet “cold turkey” the day before Thanksgiving of that year. Kimberly says she initially lost ten pounds in twelve days. Kimberly also describes experiencing “drizzling drops” (as his father would call it) or severe diarrhea in the first few weeks following the carnivore diet.

Before she started the carnivore diet, Kimberly’s body was so malnourished from years of restricting her diet that she gained twenty pounds in the early days of her journey as her body began to refeed itself with nutrients. Thankfully she gained insight into what was happening to her body from another carnivore advocate, Kelly Hogan, and she pushed through the weight gain. Once her body was nourished again, she lost weight very quickly.

Kimberly says her eczema, cystic acne, and bloating are gone today. Kimberly also says today that building muscle in the gym is effortless, and she has more energy. Kimberly describes a surprising side effect of her carnivore lifestyle has been her lack of sunburning. She says she is usually outside for many hours at a time for her job. Her skin used to burn very quickly, but now it tans.

Kimberly says the number one benefit of her new lifestyle has been her ability to identify her satiety. She describes in the past, she could eat sugary foods like cheesecake without ever feeling satisfied. Now that her diet is meat-based, she says, “there is only so much protein your body can eat. It’s easy to put the fork down.”

Today Kimberly says her primary food sources include ribeye steak and eggs, with some pork, seafood, chicken, and cheese added in. Kimberly has learned through experimentation her body does not handle butter well, but she does enjoy black coffee every day.

Kimberly is living proof that optimal health and healing are achievable with the carnivore way of eating. Kimberly describes there is freedom in eating for health and not for weight loss. Though she has encountered some “super judgy” people in her social circles who do not understand her way of eating, she knows this lifestyle is what is best for her. She says, “I’m grateful every day that I found the carnivore diet.”

Tessa going carnivore helped take me from the brink of death to a thriving, joyous life

Tessa describes being so chronically ill her doctors didn’t know what to do with her. Tessa has a history of eating disorders but says for most of her adult life, she didn’t struggle with eating. Tessa ate copious amounts of food but couldn’t seem to gain weight. Tessa says she experimented with the vegetarian diet, vegan (including raw vegan), five meals a day, three meals a day– but nothing worked. For several years her weight hovered around a mere ninety pounds.

Tessa had severe digestion issues. She describes taking antibiotics for a sinus infection over a decade ago. After the antibiotics, she struggled to digest food and was often bloated and gassy. Tessa also had severe depression and debilitating anxiety. She had multiple panic attacks per week and described struggling to get off the floor some evenings. Tessa also lost her period for an entire decade, developed bells palsy, or numbness, in her face, severe brain fog, poor libido, and exercise intolerance. Tessa says, “my health was in shambles.”

Since Tessa had become a mystery to her western doctors, she sought alternative medicine. There she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and a genetic disorder that makes it difficult for her body to detox naturally. She also discovered she has macrocytic anemia, which makes it very difficult for her body to absorb B vitamins.

Tessa then began to see a naturopath doctor. When Tessa described her then-vegetarian diet to the doctor, she was told, “you need to eat meat.” Tessa says initially, she didn’t take her new doctor’s advice well, but she was desperate. Her doctor recommended the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. Tessa read the book, and the day she finished it, she ate salmon.

Over the next few months, Tessa began following the ketogenic diet and eating more meat. She started to explore the carnivore diet in March 2018. Tessa says she has dabbled with the diet for over a year, committing for a few months at a time. She even gave it up in the summer of 2019 after listening to outside influences, but she couldn’t deny how good the diet made her feel. In October 2019, Tessa fully committed to the carnivore lifestyle.

Tessa’s period returned in June 2020, and she is no longer considered anemic. Tessa says her digestion has greatly improved, her depression and anxiety are almost non-existent, and her energy is “off the chains.” Tessa has also been able to gain weight, including muscle, and says she gets comments from people all the time telling her she looks so much more healthy.

Today Tessa says she is a nose-to-tail carnivore diet follower. She typically eats one meal daily, which works best for her digestion. Tessa says she drinks coffee in the morning and mineral water throughout the day. After a workout session in the afternoon, she usually eats a rare steak, which she has found has the best source of B vitamins. However, Tessa says she will eat dark chicken meat from time to time, or pork, bacon, and fish. Tessa doesn’t eat dairy but loves ghee and has found a love for coconut oil after discovering it also seems to aid her digestion.

Tessa advocates the carnivore lifestyle and has even documented her health journey on YouTube through her channel. Tessa thanks Shawn Baker and the carnivore community for spreading the word about this incredible diet. Tessa says, “because of this amazing diet, I’ve got my life back.”

Catrina overcame eating disorder and drug addiction on a Carnivore lifestyle

Catrina felt she needed to restrict her eating, even as a child. Catrina describes living by the mantra, “you are what you eat,” when she was young. However, Catrina didn’t realize what she was eating, or mostly not eating, affected her overall health. Catrina says she grew up eating the Standard American Diet but always wanted to eat more. She describes starving herself as a teenager to keep herself from becoming overweight.

This issue became more severe when Catrina and a friend started experimenting with diet pills. Catrina says she also tried many different diets, always chasing what would keep her from becoming overweight, but she never let herself become satiated. Catrina says she had people telling her she had an eating disorder, but she ignored them and went about her unhealthy eating habits. Catrina also began to experience issues with her thyroid in her twenties, which affected her overall health.

Fast forward thirty or so years, Catrina moved to California after she retired to live closer to her son. Catrina says it was her son that introduced her to the paleo diet. Catrina says the paleo lifestyle for her was “just okay.” She ate a lot of sweet potatoes and plantains on the diet and found herself craving sweet foods.

Two and a half years ago, Catrina and her son transitioned to the ketogenic diet, which she had more success following. Catrina says she was beginning to feel better but noticed a lot of bloating and gas after her meals. Catrina continued on the ketogenic diet until her doctor told her he had eliminated vegetables and was following a carnivore diet. At that point, Catrina decided to try the carnivore diet– she completely stopped eating vegetables that day.

Immediately Catrina noticed a difference in her bloating and gas. Later, she would connect the dots and discover an allergy to green plants– something she might have never found had she not eliminated them from her diet. Catrina’s thyroid function also improved, and she began to notice that her energy was increasing, and her ability to build muscle and look more toned became easier.

One year into the carnivore way of eating, Catrina says she eats a lot of beef (she buys seven steaks a week from her local butcher), fish, and organ meats and cooks with tallow. She also drinks two cups of coffee every morning with homemade cream. Catrina works out three days a week and makes it a point to walk her dogs every morning.

Catrina’s carnivore journey has become a bit of a family affair as her son also follows the carnivore diet. She says he does eat some mushrooms with his steak and an avocado here and there, but other than that, he is meat-based.

Catrina says she recently convinced her sister to try the carnivore lifestyle. She says her advice to anyone looking to get started is to focus on animal-based eating. Catrina also says she told her sister that if she needed to use sweetener in her coffee in the beginning to adjust, then that was okay. Additionally, Catrina says to give the diet thirty days to truly feel the effects.

Catrina loves her new life as a carnivore diet follower. She says it is so simple and takes all the planning and thinking about food out of her day. Catrina’s life overall has improved since starting this way of eating. Catrina says, “I am happy and healthy.”

Maria healed eating disorder, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and arthritis on carnivore diet

Maria has been down a long road of digestive issues. Maria says she was anorexic as a child, and some bad habits stuck with her through her adult years. She describes her previous diet as what most would consider “healthy.” Her diet was very similar to the Mediterranean way of eating– lots of vegetables, cheese, bread, and very little meat. Maria says she was taught only to eat four ounces of meat per meal, and that habit stuck with her for many years.

Maria experienced many issues with her gut, starting as a young adult. She describes struggling to eat because it felt like the food was stuck in her stomach two hours after each meal. Maria was diagnosed with gastroparesis– a condition that affects food digestion by hindering the muscle contractions of the stomach.

Maria says after her diagnosis, her diet became very unhealthy. She consumed only foods that were supposed to be easily digestible, like rice and bone broth. Maria eventually started the ketogenic diet, which she says helped with her mental health. However, looking back, she realizes her version of the keto diet did not contain enough meat. Instead, she still ate a lot of seed oils, butter, fat, and other foods, which were hard on her digestive system.

Maria eventually had her entire colon removed after her bowels stopped working, and she now has a colostomy bag. Maria says after she healed from the surgery, she tried to return to the keto diet, but her body couldn’t handle the amount of fat she was eating. Maria struggled so much that she got down to only eighty-two pounds.

Maria knew her body felt the best when she ate meat, so she decided to try the carnivore diet. Maria, over the years, had developed arthritis along with rosacea, which was quickly eliminated by the carnivore diet. Maria says the carnivore diet took time for her body to get used to, but she also knows she is a special case. Over a year later, she is still tweaking what works for her.

Today, Maria eats a lot of beef; however, she has found she can’t grill the meat. She usually eats ground beef cooked in broth or slow-cooked pot roast. Maria says she eats some chicken and treats it like a supplement. Maria doesn’t eat dairy as it is difficult for her body to digest. She says she had also learned along the way that treats like Diet Coke, alcohol, and coffee don’t work for her digestive system.

Maria also learned from an interview with Kelly Hogan and Kendall McBride that bone broth is too strong for her delicate digestive system. Maria has now switched to chicken stock which she says is much easier to digest.

Maria says the carnivore diet has been a learning curve, but she seems to have found what works for her. She knows her journey looks different from others on the carnivore diet, which is okay. She even had her kidney doctor, unfamiliar with the carnivore diet, tell her, “whatever makes your bag happy makes me happy.”

Maria says her advice to anyone looking to heal their digestive system with the carnivore diet is to “be patient.” She also suggests walking after each meal to help the digestive system get going and swapping bone broth for chicken stock. Maria is thankful she found the carnivore way of eating to heal her gut and says to anyone else, “don’t be afraid to try it.”

Hui healed from anorexia and veganism on a carnivore diet

Hui is training to get her MD and Ph.D. and says you would think she would know a thing or two about eating. Through her education, Hui has been studying how the brain drives humans to eat and stop eating. Her Ph.D. research focuses on neuroendocrine control of acute hunger, satiety, and the body’s long-term energy balance. And so, Hui spends a lot of time studying the effects of various nutrition paths.

Hui says, “you’d think someone like me would know to nourish myself well.” Unfortunately, Hui followed a vegan diet for ethical reasons from 2013 to 2019. She says, “my health suffered tremendously.” While following the vegan diet, she didn’t recognize many warning signs of being malnourished. Hui almost immediately stopped menstruating once she started the vegan diet. She says, “ I stupidly did not take the warning signs seriously.”

While following the diet for several years, Hui’s health declined. By December 2019, Hui’s weight had plummeted to just 69.5 pounds– typically expected for a nine or ten-year-old child. Hui was hospitalized for anorexia refeeding. She said while hospitalized, the inpatient facility forced her to eat a large amount of the Standard American Diet in a short time. The high-carbohydrate and highly processed foods Hui was forced to eat while in treatment caused her to develop horrible inflammation and edema– swelling in the body’s tissues.

Hui was discharged from the hospital in January 2020 and said while the “hospital stay did restore my weight,” it did so in the “fastest and unhealthiest way possible.” After she left the hospital, Hui attempted to continue to eat the hospital-taught recovery foods, but she felt deeply repulsed by the highly unhealthy foods she was eating. Again, her signs of anorexia began to creep back, and she began to relapse. At one point, her doctors told her she needed to reenter an inpatient facility.

However, Hui’s life began to turn around when she met a rancher from Kansas. Her new friend drew her closer to understanding how cattle are raised and beef processing. She also learned about the carnivore diet, which she decided to try.

Hui immediately began to feel the positive effects of eating a meat-only diet. Hui had bloodwork taken before she was a carnivore diet follower and nine days into the diet. Her body healed so much in those nine days that her doctor no longer felt she needed to be checked into an inpatient facility.

Hui has been following the carnivore way of eating ever since and says she has no plans to look back. It saddens Hui that, to this day, eating disorder treatment facilities do not teach about proper nutrition for humans. The diet she was forced to eat while in the hospital facility did little to heal her body, unlike the carnivore diet, which has her feeling more alive than ever. Hui says thanks to the carnivore lifestyle, she is in a much better place mentally and physically and has healed herself from the damage the vegan diet caused.

Alicea’s hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

Alicea is fifty-one years old and works in the fitness world as a personal trainer and a health and wellness life coach. She says for years, she struggled with food restriction, binge eating, exercise bulimia, and “controlling everything I put into my mouth since the age of 15.” Alicea says she felt like she was an imposter. Her job as a personal trainer and wellness coach was to teach others how to improve their health and make quality choices. However, she spent many years as a coach not practicing what she taught and on a rollercoaster of destructive patterns.

Alicea was diagnosed with Raynaud syndrome. This condition occurs when the blood vessel’s in an individual’s hands go into a temporary spasm, which blocks the flow of blood. Raynaud syndrome usually occurs in the fingers– as it did for Alicea. The syndrome makes the fingers turn white and often go numb. Though not generally debilitating, it can make life more difficult for those who have to deal with it.

Like many carnivore diet followers, Alicea began her health journey with a ketogenic diet approximately four years ago. Then around six or eight months ago, Alicea suspected she was entering early menopause, as she began experiencing hot flashes and felt heavy and bloated overall. Alicea also says she wasn’t overweight at the time because she worked out so often in her field of work, but she did have a few pounds she felt she could lose.

Alicea had heard of the carnivore diet and decided to try it six months ago to see if it would help her with her extreme hormone changes. Alicea says her hot flashes disappeared within just a few weeks of following the carnivore diet. She says her bloating also faded, and her stomach no longer looked bloated but relatively flat. And even though she was not overweight, she was also able to lose ten pounds in the first four months.

Alicea says she is the only person in her family that follows the carnivore diet. Though she has been able to influence her husband as she does all the cooking, he eats a relatively low-carb diet because of her healthy eating habits. However, Alicea says he has not been able to give up beer and wine– which hasn’t been an issue in their marriage.

Although some may think the carnivore diet is too restrictive, Alicea has found the carnivore diet to be the opposite for her. Alicea says, “ I love the carnivore diet and the freedom it has provided me.” After years of suffering from disordered eating, the carnivore diet has wholly changed Alicea’s life. She no longer feels she is an imposter in the fitness and wellness world; she is someone others can genuinely look up to and admire.

Alicea has no plans to stop following the carnivore way of eating; she is even interested in becoming a Carnivore.Diet coach. Alicea says she wants to spread the truth about the carnivore diet and its many benefits rather than what many of us have been taught about healthy eating. At the end of the day, Alicea knows “meat heals!”

Lark buried her sugar addiction, healed many things and loves life all from a Carnivore lifestyle

Lark lives in Australia and says for many years, she followed the other SAD diet– this is the Standard Australian Diet. As a child and even into her adult years, she describes eating a lot of carbohydrates and very little meat, especially red meat. Lark says she was lucky over the years; she didn’t develop any severe medical complications, just a few minor ailments as she got older.

Lark says for many years, she struggled with seasonal allergies, achy joints, chronic bronchitis, weak nails, anxiety, and dandruff. Lark’s most significant health concerns were her weight (which seemed to be creeping up over the years) and weak bones, which she said continued to worsen with time.

Lark is a self-proclaimed chocolate lover and says she struggled with a sugar addiction for most of her life. She says she tried to consume sugar in moderation but often felt she had no control over her addiction. She even quit her job to become a chocolatier and spent many days eating chocolate as a part of her job.

At fifty-two, Lark decided to give up sugar for a month while experimenting with various food groups. She says within just a few days, she felt enormously better. She lost weight and saw improvements in her joints and other ailments. At that point, Lark decided to try a low-carb lifestyle.

Lark describes spending the next eighteen months continuing to lose weight and seeing some health benefits through her ketogenic diet but experimenting with sugar alternatives. She even created a niche within her chocolate company that involved chocolates made with sugar alternatives. However, she could not overcome her sugar addiction and soon found herself crawling back to natural sugar.

Lark says she had heard of the carnivore diet from her keto diet circles. She even listened to Dr. Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan’s podcast. She decided to go all-in on the carnivore diet for six months. Immediately all of her ailments were gone except her sugar addiction.

Lark says she fell off the wagon after six months of the following carnivore and returned to her old habits for an additional six months. Then one day, after a sugar binge, she decided enough was enough, and she was ready to be done with sugar for the rest of her life.

Lark says getting back into the carnivore lifestyle has been more challenging the second time around. However, she feels like she finally has control of her sugar addiction. Lark says nowadays, she rarely gets a sugar craving.

Lark says she eats one to two meals daily and enjoys variety in her carnivore lifestyle. She eats a lot of beef, lamb, seafood, pork, chicken wings, and eggs. She recently gave up dairy because she felt it was too addicting for her, and it was also causing her to gain weight.

Lark enjoys the Carnivore.Diet community; she even found her partner through the platform! She also says the Carnivore.Diet community was her social lifesaver during the covid pandemic lockdowns. Lark says she is enjoying all she is learning from the other community members and loves how everyone there is looking for answers for their health.

Lark says her advice for anyone looking to begin the carnivore diet is, “it takes time, but hang in there.” Lark recognizes her carnivore journey hasn’t been linear, and it has taken time to learn what works for her; however, she is grateful for her journey.

Julia reached pre-pregnancy weight, reduced thyroid medication on a carnivore lifestyle

Julia has been struggling with weight and several other health issues for most of her life. Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Julia had psoriasis, hypothyroidism, joint pain, leaky gut, and depressive moods. She also had painful warts on the bottoms of her feet, making walking difficult.

Julia says she learned about the carnivore diet from her husband, who watched videos on YouTube and listened to podcasts featuring Dr. Shawn Baker and other carnivore advocates. She says she was open to the lifestyle, but she and her husband felt it was a bit extreme. In 2018, she dabbled with the ketogenic diet, but when her daughter was born in April 2019, she seriously considered following the carnivore diet.

Julia says she gained fifty pounds during her pregnancy and ate a lot of ice cream during the first six weeks of her daughter’s life. To add to the problem, Julia also lost a lot of blood during her daughter’s birth, making her body low in iron and considered anemic. She also struggled with even more intense depression during the first several weeks of her daughter’s life. She knew she needed to make some significant changes.

Julia says transitioning to the carnivore way of eating was relatively easy for her. She doesn’t enjoy vegetables, so it was easy to exclude them from her diet. Julia also says that she initially experienced a headache and a “belly rumble”; however, she immediately began to feel better the longer she followed the carnivore diet.

Since she has been following the carnivore lifestyle, Julia says she has been able to reduce her thyroid medications, and warts on the bottom of her feet are gone. She has also seen improvement in her psoriasis. Julia has returned to her pre-pregnancy weight, although she plans to lose more. Julia has also gained a lot of energy since starting the carnivore diet and says she can easily keep up with her young daughter.

Perhaps the most significant improvement has been Julia’s relationship with food. She describes previously feeling hungry most of the day and often binge-eating on carbs. Julia says now, when she feels like binge eating, she eats more fat to curb her addiction.

A typical day for Julia now includes eating one to two times per day, depending on her activity level. She says she eats various meat, including beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. Julia also says she eats liver which has helped her iron levels from losing so much blood during her daughter’s delivery. And she enjoys cheese approximately once per week.

Julia is a member of the Carnivore.Diet community. She says she loves the resources the Carnivore.Diet community provides. She feels like she is learning a lot and has even used the site as a resource when other friends or family in her life express doubts about this way of eating.

Julia has also become a Carnivore.Diet coach because of how the carnivore lifestyle has changed her health. She says her philosophy as a coach is to encourage her clients to “listen to their bodies.” She also says she can empathize with her clients, “I know how it feels to be sick and tired.” Overall, Julia is excited about her journey as a coach. She is also thankful for all the ways the carnivore way of eating has changed her life.

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