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Catarina improves fitness, mood, mental health, sex on carnivore diet

I’m a 24 year old woman who has been eating a carnivorous diet for almost 6 months! I eat mostly beef and pork with some dairy, eggs and bone broth. Prior to adopting a zero carb lifestyle I was eating a TON of vegetables on a low carb Paleo Diet. I even went so far as to only eat natural, pasture raised, grass-fed and free-range meats. I ate that way for a few years. Then my mom told me she was switching from keto to carnivore and felt amazing! I was skeptical but sick of having painful cystic acne and mood swings. I was ready to try absolutely ANYTHING.

Within a DAY of eating zero carb I noticed a difference in my mood. Heaps of energy and euphoria! I didn’t know I was lethargic before, but looking back, I certainly was. I woke up the next day with NO new acne and existing acne already improving! This was plenty to get me hooked on meat. That was in August 2017. I started carnivore at about 115 lbs 5’2″ and I now fluctuate between 107-110 lbs.

I have noticed the following improvements: overall leaner body composition, increased libido, CLEAR SKIN, softer skin, more restful sleep, zero cravings for sugar or alcohol, more energy, hair / nail growth, more visible muscles, increased strength, better stamina, confidence, a feeling of being calm or even zen (I would have described myself as panicky and anxious 6 months ago.) My cycle has regulated itself. Two years ago I was diagnosed with irregular periods! I now have a very predictable cycle with next to zero cramping and much milder mood swings. The list grows.

Catarina’s face before and after going carnivore. No more acne!

Grocery shopping is a breeze. Hardly need a list! I went from spending 20+ hours a week meal prepping/cooking for my boyfriend and myself, to maybe 8 hours a week. I can go longer between meals! I eat twice a day on average and I still drink coffee in the morning with heavy cream. When I started carnivore I was still occasionally smoking cigarettes and a few weeks in, my nicotine cravings vanished. I quit cold turkey!! My whole life has improved and I completely attribute it to replacing vegetables with a TON of meat. #meatheals and I have to thank Dr. Baker for his commitment to this movement. Without this way of life I’d be surviving but not thriving the way I am now!!

Jon treats acne, alcoholism, hypertension, anger, edema on carnivore diet

Jon’s journey to better health on the carnivore diet and recovery from alcohol addiction is truly inspiring!

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Jon suffered from uncomfortable acne on his arms and began to drink heavily. This continued after he was discharged, and his health began to decline quickly. “My weight went from 220 pounds to 285 pounds within three or four months, and I had severe pain in my nipples. I was sent in for ultrasounds and all kinds of tests. The doctors believe that the rapid weight gain messed with my hormones and was causing the pain.”

Jon spent the next ten years drinking heavily. “I had become a full-blown alcoholic drinking 12 beers a night,” he shares. After finding a new job in aviation, Jon curbed his drinking a bit, but in addition, still suffered from severe anxiety, depression and hypertension. “My mental stability was very tenuous–I thought I could snap at any moment. I was just really angry for no reason, and my blood pressure started to climb.”

Jon’s doctor put him on 3 blood pressure medications, but they didn’t seem to be working. He developed edema, which is painful swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. “They put me on a statin and none of my symptoms improved, but they kept increasing my dose.”

A major turning point for Jon was when his mother tragically passed away in 2015 from congestive heart failure and Type 2 diabetes. “My mother’s passing really woke me up. I started to listen to Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast and heard about the ketogenic diet from friends at work.”

Desperate for answers, Jon knew he had to take back his health and began searching for more information on how a low-carb diet could potentially help improve his various health conditions, especially since medication had not been effective thus far.

Although he lost around 85 pounds on a ketogenic diet which included lots of salads and limited protein, Jon says, “On keto, my digestion was terrible. The salads were ripping my guts apart.” In August of 2018, Jon decided to “go carnivore”, and reports, “my digestion was absolutely flawless! The skin on my arms finally cleared up, and I haven’t had a drink in almost 3 years since following a keto/carnivore diet.”

In terms of combating alcoholism, Jon believes that, “Quitting sugar made this so much easier. Back when I was drinking, I would just try to go for a week without it and believed I could quit, but then I’d always start drinking again. Since I’ve been living the keto/carnivore lifestyle I haven’t had any issues with alcohol whatsoever. I don’t crave it, and I don’t think about it. I believe that the carnivore and ketogenic lifestyle truly saved my life.”

Jon is also pleased to share that he is completely off of all his medications, and has been for the last two-and-a-half years. “I hope that my story will reach out and touch someone and save someone else’s life.” (We believe it will!)

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