Alysha improved digestion and depression on the carnivore diet

From Diet Cycles to a Lasting Change

Alysha’s dietary journey has always been tumultuous. Her diet varied between what she believed to be healthy, such as fruit smoothies, low-fat snacks, minimal red meats, and healthy grains, and moments of sheer frustration where she turned to junk food. Disappointed by the lack of results, she would turn to the next fad diet, ranging from the cabbage soup diet to the lemon cayenne cleanse. Alysha often felt trapped in this cycle, especially seeing others around her going through the same.

The Tipping Point

The real turning point came when her weight fluctuated between extremes. Standing at five foot nine, she weighed 170 pounds at her heaviest and dropped to a mere 120 pounds at her lightest. Today, she is comfortably around 141-145 pounds. However, her past weight was not the only issue. Alysha often felt tired, bloated, irritable, and struggled with feelings of depression. The state of her hair, nails, and skin further accentuated that her diet was not serving her well.

Discovering the Carnivore Diet

Introduced to the Banting diet by her parents, Alysha was intrigued. The idea of consuming bacon and eggs while losing weight was tempting. Shifting to a low-carb diet was initially a challenge, as it went against her understanding of a healthy diet. However, the visible results convinced her to stick to it. She shed around 30 pounds in a little over a year. It wasn’t just about weight loss, Alysha felt a shift in her overall well-being.

Always curious, Alysha continued experimenting with her diet. From a meat and low-carb vegetable diet with limited fats, she transitioned to a keto diet that focused on lower protein and higher fat. She then stumbled upon the carnivore diet. Initially skeptical, the idea of cutting out vegetables seemed daunting. However, after reading about it and consulting a friend, Alysha took the plunge. For over a year, she strictly followed the carnivore diet, with dairy as an exception. Alysha’s meals mostly comprised meat, primarily red meat. The way she viewed vegetables also changed. From being the mainstay of her meals, they became garnishes or occasional treats.

carnivore Challenges; Embracing Change

The initial phase of the carnivore diet presented Alysha with some digestive issues, which is common for many. After overcoming this, the next challenge was societal judgment. Navigating through social situations like eating out or explaining her diet choice to others was not always easy. However, Alysha found solace and support in communities that followed similar dietary lifestyles. These communities validated her choices and made her journey easier.

A Transformation Beyond Weight

Today, Alysha feels more energetic and mentally sharper. She no longer experiences mid-sentence memory lapses, and the persistent bloating is gone. She feels more confident in her clothes and has developed a newfound passion for health and nutrition. Among the numerous benefits of this diet, one stands out: Alysha has been managing her depression symptoms solely through her diet for the past three years, without the aid of medication.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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