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Hui healed from anorexia and veganism on a carnivore diet

My name is Hui. I am a MD PhD in training. My PhD research focuses on neuroendocrine control of acute hunger, satiety and the body’s long term energy balance. In other words, I literally study how the human brain drives us to eat and stop eating. 
You’d think someone like me would know to nourish myself well. Unfortunately, my health suffered tremendously until I came to and have been eating the carnivore way. 
I was a vegan primarily for ethical reasons from 20013 to 2019. I almost immediately stopped menstruating when I started the vegan diet. I stupidly did not take this warning sign seriously. 
In Dec 2019, my weight plummeted to 69.5 lbs and I was hospitalized for inpatient anorexia refeeding. I was discharged in Jan 2020. This inpatient treatment basically forced many standard American diet (SAD) foods down my throat within a short time window. I was horribly inflamed with maddening edema. 
This hospital stay did restore my weight but in the fastest and unhealthiest way as the hospital could. Till this day, treatment programs do not teach about proper nutrition for humans. Period. 
After I left the hospital in Jan 2020, I attempted to continue eating the hospital-taught “recovery” way but was deeply repulsed by SAD foods. Signs of anorexia relapse started to show. At one point, my doctors almost insisted that I enter inpatient again. 
I was lucky because right around this time, I got to know a rancher and cow calf producer in Kansas. He drew me fondly closer to cattle and beef. I also started to learn avidly about and eat the carnivore diet. 
Just to give you a concrete example: I had blood drawn before carnivore and 9 days into carnivore. My body was able to self repair/correct enough that my doctor saw the later labs and agreed that I no longer needed to be admitted into the hospital. I have been eating carnivore and have no intention to divert to any other diet. 
Regarding the 6 pictures attached to this email, the first 3 showed me in bad physiological conditions when I hadn’t come to carnivore. The last 3 pictures show that on carnivore, I am lean and in a much better peaceful emotional state. 

Alicea’s hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

Alicea no longer feels bloated and her premature hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

I went carnivore 6 months ago.  I was Keto for about 4 years prior to that.  I love the carnivore diet and the freedom it has provided me.  I have suffered from disordered eating most of my life and this way of life has transformed my existence.
I am 51.  I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and a health and wellness life coach.  I felt like such an imposter when I was struggling with food restriction, binge eating, exercise bulimia and controlling everything I put into my mouth since I was 15 years old.  I did not have an autoimmune disorder though I do have Raynauds that effects my hands.  Im hoping that maybe being carnivore can get rid of that too.
I thought I was entering menopause 6-8 months ago and that was one of the reasons I wanted to give carnivore a try.  I had hot flashes and I felt heavy and bloated.  After a few weeks, my hot flashes went away and my stomach flattened out.  I work out a lot so I was not over weight (well I was in my mind) but I desired to lose more body fat.  I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 months.
I am amazed and I love eating this way.  I am married and my husband does not want to join me.  I cook for us so he eats very low carb and he enjoys his beer and wine.  This is not an issue for us.
I plan on staying carnivore and I am interested in maybe becoming a carnivore coach.  I want to spread the word and let everyone know the truth!  MEAT HEALS!!
Thank you for your time.  I would love to be interviewed for one of your podcasts if that is an option.
Blessings to you !

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