C.D. improved plantar fasciitis and nose bleeds on a carnivore diet

I hope my story might help someone else, who might be in a similar situation, or give some insight into what a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet can do to one’s body over 30 years.


My Struggle With High Carbohydrate Diet And Health Issues


I’m 6’4″, and five years ago, I weighed about 112kg (247 lbs), with a measurement around the stomach of about 112cm – I was getting big, but I honestly thought I wasn’t eating so bad. I’ve never been a vegan or vegetarian, but I used to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet – I was generally anti-fat on meat (if I could see it) and simply didn’t know it.


I ate bread with reckless abandon and loved potatoes – generally cooked in vegetable fats. I would say I was indoctrinated to despise animal fat (as that’s what makes you fat, right?!).


I did a blood test in July 2014, but it was all terrible – my lipids were way off, and I was told to cut back on fats; otherwise, I’d have to go on statins. I read a book by David Gillespie and a book by Yudkin, and I resolved to get better, and I cut back on fats more, and I gave up all refined or added sugars about four years ago – as a consequence, I


  • Stopped getting hayfever (I had it since I was ten years old, 200 tablets per year, now zero)
  • Stopped getting nosebleeds (hadn’t ever had one up until three years prior
  • Stopped getting colds and sick
  • Stopped having inflamed glands on my neck and back of my head
  • Stopped feeling awful when I woke up. Not sleeping very well at this point still though
  • Stopped getting plantar fasciitis, it cleared up
  • Lost about 20kg
  • Lost 15cm off the waist (awesome!)


I was eating ethically, buying local produce, ethically raised animals, and organic or self-grown vegetables. I truly thought I was doing really good and had found the key to cutting out all added fructose and sugars – surely, it would help my blood.


In August last year, I did another blood test. Again, the blood is still all messed up – “But I’m eating bloody good, right?! This is completely messed up, what the!”.. I should be getting better in these lipid tests; wtf! But I was still eating bread, potato, minimal fish, etc.


My Journey To A Low Carb, High Fat Diet


Then I started reading more and fell across Tim Noakes, Nina Teicholz, and Zoe Harcombe, and I was starting to feel my mind going foggy and cloudy. Then about ten weeks ago, I gave up all refined carbohydrates – no bread, no potatoes, and cut my net carb intake back to about 30-35g per day. I jumped in.


Cutting Out Refined Carbohydrates And The Benefits I Experienced


I did another blood test and got my results back on Friday, and while the doc was a bit concerned with my overall cholesterol level and my LDL, knowing what I know now, I’m really not concerned at all with these .. these are my key stats past to now:



Total Chol: 6.8

Triglicerides: 2.9

HDL-C: 1.0

LDL-C: 4.5

VLDL (trig/2.2): 1.32



Total Chol: 6.4

Triglicerides: 3.1

HDL-C: 1.3

LDL-C: 3.7

VLDL (trig/2.2): 1.41



Total Chol: 6.7

Triglicerides: 1.2

HDL-C: 1.8

LDL-C: 4.3

VLDL (trig/2.2): 0.54

in mmol/L


So, although I was eating as they wanted me to and trying my hardest, my VLDL and triglycerides were heading in the completely wrong direction that I wanted them to, in the worst possible way!


Apart from the improved blood results


  • My mind has cleared, and while I never thought I was heading that way, I reckon my memory and my clarity has improved massively. I feel smarter, not because I think I know any better, but because my mind is faster.
  • I stopped having bad nights’ sleep, insomnia
  • I stopped getting itchy skin on my trunk and neck
  • I have 20/20 vision, but I think my vision has improved massively
  • The awake/asleep switch (as in being awake or asleep is faster and clearer – if that makes sense)
  • Lost another 10kg (22 lbs), down to 79-80kg (175 lbs)
  • lost another 6cm on the waist, down to 86cm

I did struggle through the keto flu for about 4-5 weeks, with some lethargy, sleep issues, and a headache here or there. I now think I’m beyond that and feel 100%.


I’ve not been this size or weight since I was 19 years old. I’m eating better food, feeling full, really only eating twice per day but never hungry.


I truly believe my body was saying, “You’ve had enough carbs, mate. Back off them, or we’re going to mess you up permanently.”


Anyway, lchf, saved my life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “C.D. improved plantar fasciitis and nose bleeds on a carnivore diet”

  1. A follow up to this post ..

    I’m now about 18 months into my keto/90% carnivore way of eating.

    I’m now 76-78kg, and my waist (over the belly button) is 80-81cm. Fitter, healthier, stronger than ever.

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