Richard improved skin issues and running performance on carnivore diet

I’ve been on this Carnivore diet for nearly two months now. Seeing how many pounds I lost my bother went on it too. I wasn’t hugely overweight but was heavier than ideal and struggling, at 38, to recover from marathon training.

I was a bit scared to try this diet but due to severe and worsening stomach pain (with no help from doctors), extreme fatigue, and increasingly feeling half dead and lifeless I decided to jump in. In July I’ve been meticulously performing tests on myself, urine and pulse, and intend to get bloodwork done in November.

My cholesterol has always been high on testing and was around 8 the last time even though I was on a vegetable heavy diet with loads of “heart healthy” olive oil. A doctor actually gave me a leaflet with the food pyramid on it and my head nearly burst with annoyance since, so far as I could tell, my diet and lifestyle was considerably better than this stupid little leaflet advised.

The experience so far has been increasingly positive even though there were some unpleasant and weird adjustment issues.

Anyway, at this point it looks like this diet has done more for my health than any other experience/advice with/from any doctor ever.

For one thing, for the past 18 years I’ve been heavily reliant on steroid cream for increasingly painful and worsening skin issues. For the past two months I’ve needed no such cream which, quite frankly, is amazing and that alone has been worth starting this diet. Prior to this I haven’t gone more than a week and the skin on the affected areas was getting increasingly thin, exacerbating the problem and making me pretty darn miserable.

My running has improved hugely. I did a 3:30 marathon last May (pre this diet) and got to the start line feeling pretty crappy. It was an okay-ish time but I felt it was well below my potential since I felt pretty awful in general on the day. I’m stunned as to how much better I’m running now without all those nasty carbs which I thought were essential to running well. I’ve lost 22lbs with what seems like zero effort.

Anyway, this is really only part of my story. I’m biding my time for a much bigger one with photos, more details, a blog post, and even some gross photos from an endoscopy (maybe, haha) that is based on as much fact and evidence as possible.

Thanks, Doc,


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