Brian improved his headaches and fatigue on a carnivore diet

A Young Man’s Struggle With An Idiopathic Illness


Brian was a presumably healthy, active young man until one day that all changed. “Seemingly overnight, my world was turned upside down by some idiopathic illness,” Brian shares. In his early twenties, Brian suddenly was plagued with headaches, trouble sleeping, debilitating fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, and abdominal pain.


The Search For Answers: From Mayo Clinic To The Internet


The son of a pharmacist and an EMT, Brian went to several doctors and eventually the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, but no one had any answers to the root cause of these issues. “There were so many tests and still no definitive results,” Brian recalls.


“I was relieved they didn’t find terminal cancer or something like that, but it was also incredibly frustrating because I had so many symptoms and felt awful 24/7.” Refusing to go on medication without having a solid diagnosis, Brian says he turned to the “dark corners” of the internet to see if others like him had found hope.


The Lion Diet: A Life-Changing Solution


Hope came with the discovery of The Lion Diet, a strict form of a carnivore diet promoted by YouTuber and health influencer Mikhaila Peterson.


After hearing her story of healing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Brian switched over to eating only beef, salt, and drinking water and eliminated all plant foods. After a brief adaptation period of about two weeks, Brian started to notice results.


“It was like a switch flipped, and all of a sudden, I felt so different,” he recalls. “Within the first month or two, almost all of my symptoms went away. To say it was life-changing is an understatement!”


Overcoming Cravings And Embracing A Meat-Based Diet


Not only did Brian’s symptoms go away, but his body composition also improved significantly. “I was able to have the energy to exercise again. After feeling awful in such a low place, it was great to be able to keep myself in good shape again.”


Brian is quick to encourage newcomers to stay the course and not give up, even if the transition is difficult at first. “It’s hard at first, but stick with it because there is another side, and when you get to it, you’ll get your life back.”


Finding Support And Community In The Carnivore Lifestyle


Over the last year of following a meat-based diet, Brian has experimented with adding other foods back in but finds what works best for him is beef, salt, and water. Within the first few weeks, his cravings for other foods went away.


“Once you pass that hump, cravings just aren’t an issue anymore. Having gone through what I went through and knowing what I know now, it’s just not worth it.” Brian doesn’t feel restricted by his food choices.


“It may sound restrictive to most people, but I’m so glad I have this option, and can function. I found this solution, and I get to come back to the life of the living.”


Brian believes in the power of the carnivore community to find support and be able to relate to others on a similar health journey. “In a sense, we’re in the trenches together,” Brian notes.


“People who are suffering from awful health issues like we did can come together and find solutions. We can relate to each other on a different level because so many of us here have been through it.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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