Anthony improved his fitness and energy on a carnivore diet

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“I’m Anthony. I’m a 31-year-old personal trainer from Boston who came across the Carnivore diet after listening to the Bell brothers on the Joe Rogan podcast. I followed up by researching Dr. Baker and decided I needed something to break through and change. I had been doing the same meal prep and planning and never really breaking any new ground. I went carnivore on Memorial Day 2018.”

Before Carnivore

Anthony is a licensed nutritionist who says he was never really strict with his diet, sometimes eating pizza and pasta at his family’s Boston restaurants. He explains that dairy was a problem for him, but never stopped eating it.

Anthony also relied on caffeine for energy and had allergies for a long time.

Meal Prepping on Carnivore

At first, he prepped food for the week, grilling a lot of burgers, ribeyes, steak tips, and chicken breast. He ate egg whites in the morning.

This prepping allowed him to pack food for the day. At work he didn’t need to worry about what he was going to eat—he had containers of burgers, sausages, or steak tips ready to eat throughout his day. The planning helped him settle into the diet and after a few months, it was routine. Also, he didn’t have any cravings and looked forward to eating. At night he would make a fresh steak on the grill or pan-sear a steak for variety.

Coming Up on Two Years

Now Anthony eats beef, such as ribeyes, chicken, and eggs. He eliminated dairy. He intermittently fasts and breaks the fast around two in the afternoon. His eating window is from two to nine at night.

As he’s working out he likes to eat so he can fuel himself—he gets better results that way.

Successes Since Carnivore

As a business owner, personal trainer, and nutritionist, “my business has taken off. I completely think it correlates to that [carnivore diet]. I work 90-hour weeks and do it with a smile and still get 2-hour full body workouts in every day.”

Focusing on his nutrition and fitness rekindled his passion for them, which then spilled over into his business. Anthony believes clients were attracted to his business because they saw him as a passionate role model.

His workouts were better and his recoveries improved dramatically. “I’m in single-digit body fat and stronger than ever.” Anthony is satisfied with the physique he’s achieved with the carnivore diet—he is a fitness model.

He says that his confidence “went through the roof.” And “my sleep was better, which in turn made my work better.”

“I was waking up ready to take on the world,” and no longer needed coffee. His allergies cleared up. Anthony says “my body ran good on its own,” once he got the carbs out of his system.

He found a community that was open and helpful in *Meat RX. Anthony highly recommends you join if you’re interested in learning about the carnivore diet.

“I’m a normal guy and this changed my whole life…”

*Editor’s note: Carnivore.Diet is now

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