Steve lost weight and manages his type 1 diabetes on a carnivore diet

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Been following Shawn Baker for quite some time now and, as a type one diabetic, decided it was time to try something new than the conventional bull shit doctors tell you.

Last June I went full carnivore and weighed 266lbs at 6’4 with a body fat % of 17, and more importantly an A1C of 8.9%. I’ll save you the jargon, I now weigh 246lbs at 11% body fat, an A1C of 5.2% which my doctors say that pre diabetics have higher glucose levels, and my strength on all 3 compound lifts has gone up substantially.


Fuck these calorie in calorie out zealots that are stuck in their bull shit ways, it’s garbage. I did the flexible diet brought to you by some douche bag wanna he MD, did the exact same calories for 4 weeks as I did on carnivore, the only difference? Uncontrollable blood glucose spikes, I gained weight on the flexible dieting after four weeks with THE EXACT SAME CALORIC INTAKE as carnivore, yet in the four weeks following strict carnivore I lose 16lbs???

Ladies and gentleman this way of eating is the answer, everything else is bull shit.

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