Amanda improved chronic pain and healed digestion on carnivore diet

Hi Shawn,


Here is my success story.


A Life of Chronic Pain and Depression


I have suffered from chronic head/neck/face/tooth/jaw pain for over ten years. I have never had any respite, not for a second during this time. 


I have seen over fifty doctors and specialists, and no one has helped; most of them really didn’t care. This led to severe depression. Also, ever since the age of about 13, I have had eating issues (due to trying to eat a low-fat diet), and my weight has gone up and down quite dramatically over the years.


Finding Hope in the Carnivore Diet


Last November, I started a strict carnivore diet, and my depression disappeared within two weeks. Although I still suffer from chronic pain, I am able to live with it much more easily and have a much more positive outlook on life. 


The Benefits of Carnivore


Within six weeks of starting the carnivore diet, I lost twenty pounds and dropped two dress sizes. Minor digestive issues (bloating etc.) disappeared too. I decided that I would be Carnivore for life. I have now lost about thirty pounds, which is a lot as I am only 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Every pound shows! 


This month we are eating in a 6-hour window to see if that affects my pain.


The biggest advantage of this diet is that I no longer have to weigh foods or count calories or carbs. I feel free from the obsession with what and how much to eat. This is magical!


Spreading the Word


My husband started Carnivore on the 1st of January this year. He has now cured his asthma and arrhythmia and is happy to stay on a carnivore diet forever. We live in Italy, and our Italian neighbors think that we are freaks for not eating pasta; however, pork is a religion here, and it is easier to be Carnivore than vegetarian! 


Although I did a Ph.D. in Physics and worked for the UK Ministry of Defence, I have read voraciously about nutrition over the past twenty years. I know that the ‘health’ industry gives outrageously wrong and dangerous advice. 


I have just started doing a nutrition course with Stanford. Hopefully, that will give more trustworthy information; however, discussions with the course tutor about my chosen way of eating might be ‘interesting.’


The information on the site might prove useful!


I hope to convert members of my family to this way of eating, as some of them are suffering from serious weight and health issues.


I’ll be at the Carnivore event in Spain in May. At least we won’t feel like freaks there!


Here are the before and after photos. The first photo was taken in September last year. The second was taken a week ago. I’ll be 64 in a couple of weeks!


Thanks for all you do. You have been a great inspiration.


Best regards,




Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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3 thoughts on “Amanda improved chronic pain and healed digestion on carnivore diet”

  1. Your “before” and “after” pictures are simply stunning. Well done! I hope you teach the folks at Stanford a thing or two.

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