February 11, 2020

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Jennifer improved her mood on a carnivore diet

Jennifer’s Struggle with Plant-Based Diets and Exercise   Jennifer was on a plant-based rollercoaster and saw her weight go up despite her intense exercise. Through a carnivore diet, she has finally been able to get off that ride and find stability.   The Emotional Rollercoaster of a Plant-Based Diet   She had been trying diets ranging from vegetarian to vegan,

Donna got off all prescription drugs on carnivore diet

Hi, I’m Donna. I am 71 years old and have been carnivore for 2 years. Carnivore As An Elimination Diet I initially used it as an elimination diet to find triggers for my psoriasis and migraines. After 4 weeks of carnivore, both psoriasis and migraines disappeared. I have continued carnivore and am no longer on prescription meds. Getting Stronger An

Amanda improved chronic pain and healed digestion on carnivore diet

Hi Shawn,   Here is my success story.   A Life of Chronic Pain and Depression   I have suffered from chronic head/neck/face/tooth/jaw pain for over ten years. I have never had any respite, not for a second during this time.    I have seen over fifty doctors and specialists, and no one has helped; most of them really didn’t

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