March 22, 2021

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Jordan A resolved allergies and sinus infections and gained muscle on a Carnivore diet

From City Life to Thrive Stock Farm   Being a rancher, Jordan knows a thing or two about meat. Five years ago, Jordan and his wife sold their home in the city and bought almost fifty acres of land in the Texas countryside. Jordan runs his ranch, Thrive Stock Farm, solely by himself. Jordan says he has approximately 50 pigs,

Will B healed diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol on a Carnivore lifestyle

From Overweight and Diabetic to Thriving on the Carnivore Diet   At just thirty-two years old, Will found himself severely overweight and diabetic. He also says he had high blood pressure and cholesterol. His A1C at the time was 8.7, and the top number of his blood pressure was regularly over 140. At the time, Will’s doctors wanted to put

Nicki K healed Fibromyalgia on a carnivore diet

Growing Up on the Standard American Diet Nicki grew up eating the Standard American Diet. She describes eating Butterfingers to combat stress and remembers being in her late twenties and eating a Poptart for breakfast. Now her breakfast meals look a little different.   Exploring Vegetarian and Vegan Diets Nicki spent a portion of her life experimenting with vegetarian and

Paola healed chronic constipation, bloating, and hormonal acne on a Carnivore lifestyle

Paola’s Panamanian Childhood Diet   Paola grew up in Panama and described her early diet as the “standard Panamanian diet.” Though she grew up eating a lot of meat and very few grains like bread and pasta, Paola says in Panama, everything is fried. So her diet was very high in carbohydrates and seed oils.   Debilitating Pain and Osteoarthritis

Jessie cleared up eczema, inflammation, and pains on a carnivore lifestyle

Jessie’s Health Journey Jessie has been suffering from eczema and anxiety for most of his life. Growing up, he was told to eat his vegetables like most kids. He says he ate a lot of pasta and other high-carbohydrate foods and drank a lot of milk and Coca-Cola. At the age of fifteen, he noticed what he describes as a

Jimmy removed several medications and is healing kidney disease on a carnivore lifestyle

Jimmy has been struggling with his weight his entire life. At just nine years old, Jimmy weighed 140 pounds. At the time, he was a wrestler, and because of his weight was forced to wrestle against eighth graders. Jimmy says he has had a severe carbohydrate addiction. He tried everything to lose weight, even at a young age. He would

Chandler reversed non-alcoholic fatty liver, GI issues, and inflammation on carnivore diet

Chandler’s Health Struggles   Chandler describes himself as relatively healthy during his childhood and teen years, despite his terrible diet. He found himself snacking all day, eating a lot of candy and other non-nutritious foods, drinking five to ten diet or regular sugary sodas daily, and drinking up to five cups of coffee.   Chandler even had a habit of

Isabel resolved migraines, digestive issues and irregular periods on a carnivore diet

Isabel’s Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle Isabel grew up eating lots of bread, pasta, and fruit. She even found herself addicted to carbohydrates. At the age of eight, Isabel started developing daily headaches, which would sometimes evolve into migraines. She was also diagnosed with hypoglycemia at thirteen, describing the sugar crashes she experienced as being very difficult.   Symptoms and

Josh improves mood, weight loss, and inflammation on a carnivore diet

Josh’s Struggle with Weight   Josh has been struggling with his weight his entire life. He says he would spend two hours at the gym five days a week and only lose two pounds after a few months. Josh became discouraged by putting in the hard work but not seeing results. He tried every diet, but his weight continued to

Doug lost weight and improved weight with his fiancée on a ketogenic and carnivore diets

Doug is a former football player who was taught to eat more to perform better. By the time Doug was twenty-one, he had weighed nearly four-hundred pounds. Doug describes his previous diet as eating anything and everything. He knew something had to change.   Former Football Player Doug’s Journey to the Carnivore Lifestyle His dad, who works with medical professionals,

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