Doug lost weight and improved weight with his fiancée on a ketogenic and carnivore diets

Doug is a former football player who was taught to eat more to perform better. By the time Doug was twenty-one, he had weighed nearly four-hundred pounds. Doug describes his previous diet as eating anything and everything. He knew something had to change.

His dad, who works with medical professionals, told him about a doctor he was connected to that used the ketogenic diet to heal. Doug was intrigued and embarked on a “lazy keto” diet (as he called it) that lasted a few years. He says his eating was better, and he lost eighty pounds, but he often ate highly-processed foods because they were still considered “low-carb.” His weight also stalled, and he began to wonder if there were other things he could do to help himself continue to lose more weight.

He then joined the “Ketogains” program online, where he learned about strength training and the dangers of seed oils and other highly processed foods. Doug said the Ketograins program was his first window into the risks of processed food, and he began to understand how even processed foods labeled as “low-carb” can be detrimental to his health. Doug started working out and looked into what he was feeding his body.

Doug also says Dr. Shawn Baker influenced him. He had followed Dr. Baker online, even before Dr. Baker became an advocate for the carnivore diet. Doug was intrigued as Dr. Baker shared his experience and experiments with the carnivore diet. Through his research and learning from others, Doug slowly transitioned into a carnivore lifestyle. He first eliminated seed oils, nuts, and seeds. Eventually, he let go of vegetables, and by July 2017, he was thoroughly a carnivore diet follower, and since then has not looked back.

Doug says his conversion to the carnivore way of life was gradual, so he didn’t experience many issues transitioning. He says he was never really a fan of eating vegetables, so giving them up was easy. He’s even learned to enjoy raw meat and organs.

Doug is very active in the carnivore community. He moderates the “World Carnivore Tribe” online alongside other big names in the carnivore community. Doug even met his future wife, Katie, through the group. He says finding his fiance through his carnivore lifestyle was never something he expected, but when they began talking about their values and health, it was apparent they were made for one another.

Doug is very well connected to many experts in the carnivore community and says he loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His advice for anyone looking to start the carnivore way of life is to “experiment.” He says there is no one way to be a carnivore; the most important thing is to “learn more about your body and how to feed it.”

Doug is grateful for all the carnivore way of life has brought to him, including his health and his future wife. He loves that he gets to be so active in the carnivore community, and his future wife encourages him daily.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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