João heals gut, reverses insulin resistance, and manages food addiction on Carnivore diet

João’s Struggle with Yo-Yo

Dieting and Digestive Issues
João struggled with yo-yo dieting and an addiction to food for many years. He says, like most people, when he researched how to lose weight, he was told to “eat less and move more.” His weight fluctuated several times for over twenty years. He described losing weight by restricting his calories and working out intensely, only to gain the weight back the minute he stopped. After several cycles of gaining and losing, João began to wonder, “what is the pattern… why is this so difficult?”


João’s Journey to a Low-Carb and Carnivore Diet

João also struggled with debilitating digestive issues. He says he even became afraid of going to the bathroom because the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and bloating he experienced were so painful. When he asked his doctors what he should do, he was told to “eat more fiber.” João also describes experiencing severe gingivitis. He says his gums would bleed every time he brushed his teeth. Joao initially accepted his fate as “normal” until, one day, he had enough. He decided he didn’t want all of his health issues to be his standard.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for João

João began researching and decided to try a low-carb diet. He says immediately, he noticed his inflammation was reduced, and João realized the bloating he had been experiencing all those years wasn’t normal. From the low-carb diet, he transitioned into the ketogenic diet, and then by March 2018, he became a carnivore diet follower. Though he initially struggled with temporary diarrhea and low energy while transitioning from the keto to the carnivore way of eating, he says the zero-carb life felt like “a whole new world.”


João explains he no longer struggles with digestive issues, and his gingivitis is gone. He also says the carnivore lifestyle has strengthened his immunity; he has not had a cold since he started eating only meat. And he says the carnivore diet gives him better sleep and mental focus.


João’s Typical Day on the Carnivore Diet

A typical day for João involves eating nose-to-tail beef. João says he loves steak but eats mostly slow-cooked cuts of beef like chuck roast and brisket. He also enjoys animal organs, coffee, and some dairy– though he says dairy can trigger his prior food addiction. João also said he doesn’t feel like he has to exercise anymore and doesn’t feel bogged down by macros or counting calories and carbs. He loves that he gets to eat until he is satisfied. He also fasts occasionally, which he feels benefits his health and helps to fight his food addiction.


Questioning Society’s Teaching about Nutrition

Since he has become a carnivore diet follower, Joao says he questions society’s teaching about nutrition a lot more. He explained he is living proof that increasing your fiber, as his doctor told him, does not cure digestive problems. During his research, he even found a study that suggests a link between fiber and colon cancer.


Pros and Cons of the Carnivore Lifestyle for João

Today João has been living the carnivore lifestyle for over three years. He says the only con for him is the social aspect. Many people don’t understand his way of eating, and it can be hard to be in social settings. However, João says he is thankful for all he has learned about society’s teachings and how this way of eating has opened his eyes. He understands his way of eating goes against what is considered normal, but he’s living proof the carnivore way of life works.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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