Josh improves mood, weight loss, and inflammation on a carnivore diet

Josh’s Struggle with Weight


Josh has been struggling with his weight his entire life. He says he would spend two hours at the gym five days a week and only lose two pounds after a few months. Josh became discouraged by putting in the hard work but not seeing results. He tried every diet, but his weight continued to creep up and peaked at 420 pounds.


Josh would eventually have weight-loss surgery. The surgery involved reducing the size of his stomach to help him not feel as hungry. Though he initially lost weight, he still hovered around 365 pounds. The excess weight was tough on his body. Josh says he is just over five feet six inches, and the weight caused his joints to ache.


Finding the Carnivore Diet: Josh’s Turning Point


Josh eventually tried intermittent fasting, leading him to the ketogenic diet. He said he saw some benefits from the ketogenic diet but wondered if he could do more.


Around the time his daughter was born, he heard Jordan Peterson, an advocate for the carnivore diet, on the Joe Rogan podcast. Motivated to have the energy to be a good dad to his daughter, Josh began to research the carnivore diet.


Doug’s Carnivore Experience: Tweaking for Optimal Results


He began to learn from both Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Ken Berry. He started his carnivore diet by eating all animal products, including dairy. Other than tweaking his electrolytes, he did not experience issues transitioning from keto to carnivore eating. He found the longer he followed the diet, the more energy he had. 


He began walking several times a week and noticed his walks were becoming longer and longer with time. He says it was during this time that his excess fat practically “shredded off.” Doug has been following the carnivore diet for two years and currently weighs 180 pounds. His joint pain is gone, and his energy is highly improved. 


He says through tweaking and experimenting with how his body reacts to certain foods, he now sticks to mostly egg yolks, beef, coffee, and berries from time to time. He’s learned his body does not react well to foods such as honey and egg whites, and he still tweaks his electrolytes to this day.


Motivation and One Day at a Time: Advice for Starting a Carnivore Diet


His advice to anyone looking to start the carnivore way of life is to “find your motivation.” Josh wanted to be able to play and keep up with his daughter. He also felt his previously larger size could potentially hurt his daughter. 


And so, on the days the diet felt hard, he would remind himself why he should continue. He also said to focus on one day at a time and do what you must to “conquer that day.” He has found, but focusing on one day, the “one days” add up to many days.


He is grateful he has found this way of life. He says sometimes it is hard to “not go around screaming at people” for what they are doing to their bodies. However, he hopes to help to continue spreading the word about this life-changing way of eating.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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4 thoughts on “Josh improves mood, weight loss, and inflammation on a carnivore diet”

  1. Dustin Montgomery

    I started carnivore about two weeks ago. I’m starting at 370 lbs and that’s actually down from 383 about a month ago…. So many diets I see show someone that I wouldn’t consider fat to start with just shape up. It is so nice to see someone that I can see has overcame what I’m facing…. And actually more. Thank you for sharing you’re journey. It has really encouraged me that I am on the right path

    1. I wish you all the best. This will change your life for good. Once you get into the rhythm and psychologically change your relationship to food, then it becomes easy. I no longer crave sugar or carbs & I eat as much as I want. You will never look back. 👍

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