Will B healed diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol on a Carnivore lifestyle

From Overweight and Diabetic to Thriving on the Carnivore Diet


At just thirty-two years old, Will found himself severely overweight and diabetic. He also says he had high blood pressure and cholesterol. His A1C at the time was 8.7, and the top number of his blood pressure was regularly over 140. At the time, Will’s doctors wanted to put him on four different medications– something will wasn’t comfortable doing.


He knew medicine would only go so far, and his diet needed improvement. Will was very unhealthy, and he knew he had to do something.


The Journey to Discovering the Carnivore Diet


Like many, Will started his health journey by following the ketogenic diet. His weight decreased dramatically once he became conscious of his carbohydrate intake. Immediately, he felt like he had more energy, and slowly, his blood markers began to decline.


Will said he knew he could feel better if he could get his weight under control, but Will didn’t realize how much he was missing out on until he started to lose pounds. Around nine months into the keto diet, Will said he “hit a bit of a wall.” Determined to continue improving his health, he researched what else he could do.


He had heard of the carnivore diet and decided to try it since he had already followed many of its principles.


The Importance of Sticking to a Plan on the Carnivore Diet


Will says he is a person who likes rules and follows a plan to the tee, so his version of the carnivore diet has been stringent compared to others. Will eats a lot of ground beef and other nutritious meat, water, salt, and minimal dairy.


Will states he does not eat any spices or other foods some carnivore diet followers eat. Initially, his body protested a little when Will transitioned from the ketogenic to the carnivore diet. Will says after months of eating excessive amounts of vegetables on the keto diet, his body needed to detox.


He experienced a few weeks of gut issues and diarrhea, but his bowel movements became very regular after that.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet on Health Markers


After nine months on the ketogenic and four months on the carnivore diet, Will has lost 170 pounds– something his doctors have been very shocked to see. Will says his A1C is now 4.5, a very healthy number that makes him no longer considered diabetic.


And his blood pressure is consistently under 120. His heart rate has even improved. Before prioritizing his health, Will’s resting heart rate was around 85 to 95 beats per minute. Now his heart rate is 62 to 65 beats per minute– a rate Will’s doctor pointed out that is typically seen in marathon runners.


Now that Will has been a carnivore diet follower for over four months; he says he “can’t ever go back.” Will also says he knew he would probably feel better if he weighed less when he was overweight, but the energy he has been experiencing has been astonishing.


Will has been able to stay off medications and vastly improve his lifestyle. Will is grateful for all his benefits as a carnivore diet follower and feels he has “taken back my health.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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