May 15, 2019

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Noelle lost weight and improved fitness on fasting, carnivore lifestyle

Team, The day after my birthday (april 7th) I was in 303 lbs and pretty achy & sore. I decided that day to go strict carnivore. After a few days & immediate loss of 8lbs I noticed I’d loss my carb addiction & I wasn’t hungry much anymore. I work 5am-130pm shifts & could work the whole day without needing

Andrius lost weight on a fasting lifestyle

Hi Dr. Shawn, My name is Andrius, I am a 27 year old male 6 foot 1, from Lithuania. I did a one month fast(no food, just salt water) for 1 month during 2018 August during which I lost roughly 55-65 pounds.   Preface I started getting overweight going into my mid twenties and thought nothing of it, until it

Joe improved metabolic flexibility on carnivore fasting lifestyle

Joe, 27, lost weight and improved his metabolic flexibility following a carnivore fasting lifestyle. Joe shares about how he began his health journey following a low-carb diet which included intermittent fasting, eventually choosing one meal a day within a 2-3 hour eating window. “I enjoy the metabolic flexibility of being able to engage in physical work all day without crashing

Matt improved anxiety, digestion, fitness on carnivore fasting lifestyle

Hi,   Saw your post on IG about fasting or time restricted eating. I’m a former Division I linebacker and collegiate competitive power lifter.I also used to be a division one strength and conditioning coach at Yale and Georgetown, and also I’ve been a strength coach and Sport Psych consultant for NFL combine preparation. while the strength coach I was

Callum lost weight on a carnivore diet

Hi there. I piled on loads of weight during Christmas. To be honest, by Christmas I mean November -March. After Christmas I started hitting the gym again. I was getting stronger but the body fat wasn’t coming off.  I found myself weighting 16st 3 (227lbs) at 5ft10.  I’m an electrician, but despite being a trade, the vegan trend had caught up with me.

Moe improved his metabolic markers and lost weight on a carnivore diet

Hi Shawn,   I’m 59. A year ago my fasting glucose was 110. My blood pressure around 139/90. And I was 200 lbs.   I started my mission on eating 90% ribeye 🥩, no sugar, and no craps… I do eat 3 eggs a day. 7 months laterMy fasting glucose is 95. Blood pressure is 122/80. My total cholesterol is

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