Joe improved metabolic flexibility on carnivore fasting lifestyle

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Chiming in to share my success with intermittent fasting/time restricted eating. I’ve been doing this since fall 2016. Great success. This method mixed with a low carb diet was the first thing to help me successfully lose weight. What started as something around 16/8 fasting turned into one meal a day/2-3 hour eating window. I enjoy the metabolic flexibility. The ability to engage in physical work all day without crashing or hunger pains. Added bonus, the lazy part of me enjoys the extra time not having to cook breakfast/lunch. I have no actual medical stats to add to the conversation. Simply an anecdote about how it’s been successful for me. I have no plans on stopping this. 

I’ll also add that I follow no strict regiment. I will listen to my body. There are rare occasions where I wake up hungry/will be hungry earlier and I will eat.
Thanks for introducing me to carnivore. Almost 6 months in and considering becoming a coach. Keep up the good work!

Watch or listen to Joe’s interview on the podcast below:

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