Zane improved his mood and fitness on a carnivore diet

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Zane describes his history by saying, “I was a pretty fit guy before 2015.” Things took a major turn for the worse, however, when he started to have inexplicable pain. “In November of that year, I started having intense crippling pain in my joints and connective tissue.”

This problem continued, progressively robbing Zane of more and more function. He explains that “Over the course of two years I started losing the ability to move and exercise or even dress myself.” He knew he couldn’t keep going on this path, and needed to find more answers about how to solve these problems.

Zane did what most people would do; he went to his doctor looking for a way to get better. He didn’t find success and sought out other doctors but found that their recommendations didn’t make logical sense with his symptoms. He says, “I searched for answers for two years, going to doctors, neurologists and some rheumatologists, I even had a surgery on my right elbow thinking I had a pinched nerve.“

He found his health deteriorating and his life heading in the wrong direction. While he thought he was fit before, he says, “I watched my body and my youth melt away. Love handles and a spare tire showed up the less I moved.” That sounds like a terrible feeling, indeed.

Zane wasn’t even thirty years old yet but found himself feeling far older than that. His joints became stiff, and he imagined that this was what old people felt like. He explains “I was only 29 but my body became so old and sore.”

After two years, Zane finally received a diagnosis that explained why he had been suffering so much from joint and connective tissue inflammation and debilitating pains. “In December 2017 I found out that I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and began treatment with methotrexate.”

Coincidence is a strange thing, and Zane was destined to also learn about the influence of diet on disease and healing, in particular with the carnivore diet. He says that he was at a point where he was still looking for answers. “On almost the same day, I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker. I was curious and desperate enough to try this wacky diet. Wow…”

Zane looks great, with visible abdominal muscles and a trim waist. The interesting thing is that he didn’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve his enviable physique, either. “I do not exercise or do crunches or anything like that. I just eat steaks, between 2 and 4 of them a day. I mountain bike once a week now.”

Zane finally feels healthy again and is grateful for the inspirations that helped him save his health. “I feel like I could walk on water. I’m going for the rest of the year. I hope this inspires and helps some of you. Shawn Baker and his tribe have reshaped my life. It appears that I am a carnivore folks…”

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