Xavier no longer has MS symptoms on a carnivore diet

Xavier is a world traveler, having been born French, growing up in the United States, then moving to China and, ultimately, Greece for work. Xavier says his diet before the carnivore way of eating was very negligent. He says he was “eating whatever, drinking whatever, and not realizing that going to the bathroom twice or three times a day with occasional bloat or cramps was not normal.”


Xavier’s Health Journey and MS Diagnosis

One day at twenty-six, Xavier woke up seeing double and experiencing a numb leg. Startled, he sought medical help and was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). The diagnosis sent Xavier into a spiral of depression as he struggled to deal with his “death sentence.”


Taking Control of His Health

Xavier says after some time, he decided he would not accept the fate the doctors had given him. Having studied biology and physics, Xavier is a natural researcher. He says he decided to “turn over every stone, look in each crack that the universe has, to find solutions.”


However, every doctor Xavier saw only wanted to treat the symptoms of his MS. No one dared to suggest any treatment to eliminate the cause. Xavier says the doctors would not acknowledge any of the case studies he asked them about or give him hope that he could be cured.


Transitioning to a Carnivore Diet

Xavier knew he needed to be his own health advocate and, through research, decided to cut out carbohydrates and fiber from his diet. He says at that point, he was “more strict keto than what you’d find on your garden variety blog/magazine about keto.” He also incorporated HIIT training and weight lifting exercises, practiced intermittent fasting, and took supplements.


With his newfound health journey, Xavier says, “my body was getting better by the day.” Over time, his MRIs showed less and less inflammation. Xavier then transitioned to what he describes as a “90% carnivore diet.” He also added in prolonged water fasts, his record being eighteen days. Within two years, his MS flare-ups completely disappeared, and he could go off all medications.

Thriving on the Carnivore Diet

However, Xavier still struggled with his mental health and gut issues. Xavier noticed the more meat and fewer plants he ate, the better he felt. And so, he decided to cut all plants from his diet completely. Once he decided to eliminate plants, he said, “I’ve never felt better.”


That was six years ago. Xavier is now thirty-four years old and thriving. He has not had a single MS flare-up and is no longer taking any MS medications. He says he feels better now at thirty-four than he did at twenty.


Carnivore Lifestyle and Advocacy

During his health journey, Xavier also met his wife, who is now a carnivore follower because of Xavier. He says while he and his wife were dating, he “explained to her my diet and the reasons that led me to it, and she became just as fascinated as someone with a medical condition looking for answers would be. We are both carnivores!”


He does say that he and his wife cheat approximately twice per year; however, they cheat with the understanding that after the indulgence is over, they fast for four to six days. Xavier says he and his wife will always revert to the carnivore way of eating because their bodies both “work properly” on the diet.


Xavier is thankful for the carnivore diet and says he is “no longer scared of waking up and suddenly not being able to move my legs, arms, or eyes.” Xavier also says he guides others in his community in Greece diagnosed with MS to try the carnivore diet and fasting.


Xavier is grateful for the carnivore community and all the resources getting the word out. He says, “Thank you all for the hard work you are doing and spreading the word of these stories, helping other people heal, and be the best version of themselves they can be!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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4 thoughts on “Xavier no longer has MS symptoms on a carnivore diet”

  1. Melissa Goebel

    I have been looking for positive stories about carnivore and MS. I was diagnosed with it about 11 years ago and have been carnivore for 10 months. I was keto for 5 months before that. I would love to be off the infusion for this disease as I have elevated liver enzymes which doesn’t seem good. The infusion has been wonderful for me as it helped a great deal, however, I wonder if my diet now will help me more. Would love to visit and share ideas. Your story was so very encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    1. Hello Melissa. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in May 2011.

      At the suggestion of my then-wife, i went down the vegan rabbit-hole for 8 years, experiencing ever greater disability. In May of this year (2021), I adopted a fully carnivore diet (after starting keto in Feb 2021. I had a near full remission of symptoms, until I had a couple of cheats with a glass of wine, a tobacco pipe (NOT inhaling), when I got thrown into a massive relapse, which I am still recovering from. My family is insistent that I start the Tysabri infusions again.

      My recommendation for MS patients considering carnivore: *DON’T CHEAT AND THINK YOU’LL GET AWAY WITH IT*

  2. Sylvie Reincke

    I’m so happy for you Xavier! My mother had MS diagnosed in the 60’s. She too lost vision, mobility, etc. and had progressive/remissive MS until rendering her an invalid in later life.
    In hindsight I remember her following an Atkinson’s diet after her doctor recommended trying it for weight loss in the late 70’s (she was obese from childhood and was on continuous diets and weight watchers her entire life). During her time of low carb high protein dieting she entered a kong remission where she was able to learn how to drive a car, took college classes and volunteered at a hospital. Sadly the US govt instituted the SAD guidelines/ food pyramid around 1977 and her doctor changed her to a low fat diet. Immediately she had a flare and her MS returned with a vengeance. I’m very grateful that we now have the knowledge (once again) to regain health thru a proper human diet. Congratulations on your success!

  3. This is very inspiring. I’ve had MS issues for 21 years and diagnosed 16 yrs ago. I’m allergic to a lot of medications so I just refuse to take them and rely on vitamins and natural solutions. I just starting reading the carnivore code by Dr Saladino and saw the website link. I wonder did you do it gradually or just jump in and eat only meat? I do love a variety of food but reading all the success stories of a meat diet really makes you think about your quality of life. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to get started.

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