Joy healed her body after 18 years of veganism on a carnivore diet

Joy’s Struggles with Veganism and Health Issues

Joy spent eighteen years of her life as a vegan diet follower. During that time, Joy tried just about every version of the vegan diet possible– raw, high-carbohydrate, whole food, and even processed vegan. Even though Joy thought she was following a lifestyle that would improve her health, the vegan diet wreaked havoc on Joy’s body over time.


Joy was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which required her to have bowel resections. A bowel resection, sometimes called a colectomy, involves surgically removing parts (sometimes all) of the bowel. Joy’s Crohn’s disease was so bad that she had bowel resection surgery three times. Joy also developed an eating disorder. And her iron levels became so low she required regular iron infusions.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet

Joy did not realize her actions were causing her body to suffer. Joy thought that the vegan diet would help her body heal. She says, “I tried everything to heal myself. Everything except eating animal products.” However, one day, Joy’s yoga instructor told her she had been eating meat for two years and had almost immediately healed her body.


Joy felt intrigued by the conversation and began to realize that her vegan lifestyle was causing her to suffer. When her yoga instructor gave her carnivore testimony, she said, “I listened to her, really listened.” She heard the heart and the joyfulness that was coming from her yoga instructor. It was hard for Joy to wrap her brain around the carnivore way of eating, especially after so many years of following the vegan diet. However, Joy realized that meat might be the answer she sought and desired to try the diet.


The Healing Journey with the Carnivore Diet

Joy started slow on the carnivore diet by eating pasture-raised eggs. She says by adding eggs, “literally overnight, I felt better!” She then added grass-fed butter, fatty fish, and liver pate. Soon after she began her carnivore journey, Joy’s body healed so much that she could practice yoga again with an enormous amount of newfound energy and without joint pain.


Joy has been following the carnivore lifestyle for four months and isn’t looking back. Her health has improved leaps and bounds since switching her diet from plants to meat. Joy didn’t realize what she needed in her diet was meat. She says she has gone “from suffering and frail to healed and strong.” Joy enjoys eating steaks, particularly ribeyes and filets, as well as bone marrow and lard.


Joy’s Transformation: From Frail to Healed and Strong

Joy has also lost some body fat and has gained muscle along the way. She says, “I want to tell everyone! At fifty-four years young and post-menopausal, my body feels and looks better than when I was in my twenties.”


Grateful for the Carnivore Community

Joy is grateful to her yoga instructor, who, through her carnivore testimony, opened Joy’s eyes to the carnivore world and all it has to offer in healing. She is also grateful to the carnivore community. Joy has taken control of her health thanks to the carnivore way of eating, and she is never going back to her destructive vegan ways. Joy says, “thank you all for being such a great source of encouragement.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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