Ryan Healed his Crohn’s disease symptoms on a carnivore diet

Ryan’s Journey with the Carnivore Diet

Ryan’s diet before discovering the carnivore way of eating was very poor. Over time it wreaked havoc on his body, and Ryan was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease. His Crohn’s disease was so bad that Ryan was forced to have his gallbladder removed and colon resection surgery at just twenty-seven years of age.


Colon Resection: Life without a Large Intestine

Colon resection sometimes referred to as a colectomy, involves removing parts or all of the large intestine. In Ryan’s case, unfortunately, he had to get his entire large intestine removed. It is possible to live without a large intestine. However, after the surgery, many people suffer from diarrhea, excess gas production, and dehydration from not having a large intestine.


This is because the purpose of an individual’s large intestine is to produce fluid for waste excretion. It’s not uncommon for individuals who have had to have a total colon resection to experience diarrhea four to six times per day– making life less than desirable.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet on Ryan’s Health

Additionally, Ryan suffered from severe iron anemia and inflammation in his body. By the time he was thirty-one years old, he felt he had had enough of constant battling against his health and wanted to take control of his life. He decided to embark on a carnivore journey in hopes of improving both his Crohn’s disease and iron anemia.


“Nose to Tail” Approach to the Carnivore Diet

After one year of following the carnivore way of eating, Ryan has seen immense improvements in his health. He recently had blood labs taken at his doctor’s office that compared his bloodwork from before his carnivore journey until now. Ryan says according to his most recent bloodwork, he is no longer considered iron anemic, and his inflammation markers have greatly improved– the exact results he was hoping to get. Following the carnivore diet and seeing such dramatic results has made him believe in this way of eating.


Challenges and Support in Ryan’s Carnivore Lifestyle

Ryan says he has also been able to control his Crohn’s disease by following the carnivore lifestyle, which he is incredibly thankful for. Ryan says his approach to the carnivore diet is “nose to tail.” He enjoys a variety of carnivore meats and products, including raw dairy and liver.


Ryan says his friends and family do not get his lifestyle, and he hasn’t been able to make them believers in the diet– despite his fantastic results. He says his friends and family think he is crazy for eating this way and find raw meat and dairy strange. They also argue with him about his “need” for fruits and vegetables and often tell him he will have a heart attack. While it is frustrating not to have support from those around him, Ryan says, “I’m sure you’ve all heard it too.”


Ryan says his only support is from the MeatRx community and Instagram. Ryan says if it weren’t for the online community he has found, he probably would have given up on the carnivore lifestyle. He appreciates everyone in his online community that has helped him along the way by keeping him going and by sharing their own success stories and support.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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3 thoughts on “Ryan Healed his Crohn’s disease symptoms on a carnivore diet”

  1. scott carrigan

    wow…. incredible.
    thanks for sharing.
    keep up the positive vibes.
    i can feel it.
    you rock.
    totally inspired.
    god bless you.

  2. Ryan! I’d love to chat with you privately.. I’ve tried Carnivore a couple times and had great success, but I didn’t stick with it because I am missing my gallbladder and had terrible digestion issues (I love fat). I haven’t seen a lot out there in regards to people without a gallbladder eating such a high fat diet. But for me, I need a good support group in regards to that specific issue.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, I’m Dave. I had my gallbladder removed in 2019. I have no problems eating a high fat diet.
      Ribeyes eggs bacon butter cream no problem. I’m 58 yrs old

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