June 3, 2021

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Joy healed her body after 18 years of veganism on a carnivore diet

Joy’s Struggles with Veganism and Health Issues Joy spent eighteen years of her life as a vegan diet follower. During that time, Joy tried just about every version of the vegan diet possible– raw, high-carbohydrate, whole food, and even processed vegan. Even though Joy thought she was following a lifestyle that would improve her health, the vegan diet wreaked havoc

Xavier no longer has MS symptoms on a carnivore diet

Xavier is a world traveler, having been born French, growing up in the United States, then moving to China and, ultimately, Greece for work. Xavier says his diet before the carnivore way of eating was very negligent. He says he was “eating whatever, drinking whatever, and not realizing that going to the bathroom twice or three times a day with

Valeria resolved her gut dysbiosis on a carnivore diet

Valeria says that she suffered from debilitating migraines for almost thirty years of her life. Her migraines sent her down a tailspin as they were difficult to treat and caused a domino effect of other debilitating ailments. All of this combined affected Valeria’s life significantly and sent her down a path of addiction. Valeria was suffering from a particular type

Alicea’s hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

Alicea is fifty-one years old and works in the fitness world as a personal trainer and a health and wellness life coach. She says for years, she struggled with food restriction, binge eating, exercise bulimia, and “controlling everything I put into my mouth since the age of 15.” Alicea says she felt like she was an imposter. Her job as

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