Valeria resolved her gut dysbiosis on a carnivore diet

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Valeria says that she suffered from debilitating migraines for almost thirty years of her life. Her migraines sent her down a tailspin as they were difficult to treat and caused a domino effect of other debilitating ailments. All of this combined affected Valeria’s life significantly and sent her down a path of addiction.

Valeria was suffering from a particular type of migraine called a refractory migraine (sometimes referred to as an intractable headache). This specific type of migraine is recognized as any migraine episode resistant to many forms of medical treatment. Refractory migraines can often last for several days and can be disabling and disruptive to daily life since little can be done to control the excruciating pain.

Medication overuse and addiction are common with refractory migraines; unfortunately, addiction became the story for Valeria. She started taking more over-the-counter medications for her migraines, even though the medicines provided little relief, and thus became an addict. Over the years, the addiction wreaked havoc on Valeria’s body and caused damage to her gut.

Valeria’s overuse of over-the-counter pain medications caused her to experience severe constipation and terrible dysbiosis symptoms. Dysbiosis is defined as an “imbalance” in the gut microbial. Many times the condition will cause symptoms such as chronic fatigue, digestive problems, trouble urinating, acid reflux, vaginal or rectal itching, food intolerance, gas and bloating, inflammation and achy joints, and skin problems such as acne, skin rashes, and psoriasis.

After some time, Valeria began a ketogenic diet, where she focused on eating low amounts of carbohydrates. She says the keto diet did help immensely with her migraines, as they disappeared with the low-carb diet. However, all the years of her addiction to over-the-counter pain medications made it difficult to treat and heal her gut.

Valeria began to learn about the carnivore diet. She knew the diet was different from what she had been following prior while on the keto diet. Unlike the keto diet, which usually involves eating a high amount of vegetables and nuts with a small amount of meat, the carnivore diet revolves around only eating meat with no vegetables or nuts. This means that instead of eating low-carb like on the keto diet, the carnivore diet revolves around eating practically zero carbs and very high amounts of protein and fat.

While there is a never-ending list of benefits from the carnivore diet, it has been shown to help many people not only treat but also heal years of damage to their gut. And so, after learning all the possible benefits of following the carnivore diet, Valeria decided to try to see if she could use it to treat the issues within her gut. She soon found that the carnivore diet healed her gut issues and dysbiosis– something that was impossible on a low-carb diet alone.

Valeria has the carnivore diet to thank for healing her body from the inside out. She can now go on to live a happy and healthy life free from debilitating migraines and gut issues.

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2 thoughts on “Valeria resolved her gut dysbiosis on a carnivore diet”

  1. I have a friend that has chronic dysbiosis and might not live long. I would like to know about how you started a carnivore diet. Was it subtle, like introducing bone broth? Did you consume a certain kind of meat? Did you combined with other supplements, such as prebiotics/ prebiotics? Thank you for any help you might provide🙏

    1. for chronic dysbiosis caused by heavy Antibiotic use what works for me is a five day water fast followed by a diet without carbs, diary, probotics.sugar etc.
      candida Albacans is the usualy culprit once severe dysbiosis takes place and in my case it was in my organs, eyes, heart etc etc , Modern medicine including nystatin , Fluconazole etc did not help , And taking probotics just made me worse as they leaked into the bloodstream
      What works for me everytime is a water fast of at least 5 days followed by diet of no carbs which is usually just meat. I get the best results this way.

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