Valeria resolved her gut dysbiosis on a carnivore diet

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Hi! My name is Valeria. I suffered from migraines for almost 30 years. I have a refractory migraine, which means no traditional medication treatment was effective for me. Therefore, I started taking more and more over-the-counter medication for pain over the years and became addicted to it. The overuse of medication also damaged my gut. I solved my migraine problems with a ketogenic diet, but it was only through the Carnivore Diet that I saw improvements in my gut issues. Severe constipation and a terrible dysbiosis were completely solved in the Carnivore diet.

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2 thoughts on “Valeria resolved her gut dysbiosis on a carnivore diet”

  1. I have a friend that has chronic dysbiosis and might not live long. I would like to know about how you started a carnivore diet. Was it subtle, like introducing bone broth? Did you consume a certain kind of meat? Did you combined with other supplements, such as prebiotics/ prebiotics? Thank you for any help you might provide🙏

    1. for chronic dysbiosis caused by heavy Antibiotic use what works for me is a five day water fast followed by a diet without carbs, diary, probotics.sugar etc.
      candida Albacans is the usualy culprit once severe dysbiosis takes place and in my case it was in my organs, eyes, heart etc etc , Modern medicine including nystatin , Fluconazole etc did not help , And taking probotics just made me worse as they leaked into the bloodstream
      What works for me everytime is a water fast of at least 5 days followed by diet of no carbs which is usually just meat. I get the best results this way.

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