William got his life back on carnivore diet

William found himself at a challenging point in his life. He felt sick mentally, physically, and emotionally. He was watching his health slip away, and his weight had gotten up to two hundred fifty-three pounds.

Two of the most common symptoms that people experience, often secondary to chronic inflammation in the body and brain, are anxiety and depression. Often, these issues reflect the brain’s loss over the use of energy, an issue that many emotional or brain-related disorders have in common. Too much-uncontrolled energy results in anxiety. Running out of fuel, causing oxidative stress, is often perceived as depression. William experienced both of these symptoms.

The body’s systemic inflammation did not stop there, but also affected William’s joints, resulting in “debilitating joint pains especially my right hip.” William also found himself with generalized aches and pains and felt groggy often, with poor energy levels.

William finally found something to try, and decided to commit to a new carnivore lifestyle: “I started the carnivore way of eating 2/1/ 2019 at 253 lbs.”

He primarily tried the carnivore diet in a quest to improve his health and was rewarded with some progress. By June 20th, 2019, four months after starting his carnivore diet journey, William had lost an incredible 103 pounds. His waist shrank from 47 inches to 32 inches. That’s a huge improvement in the waist-to-height ratio, which is a proxy measurement that correlates to visceral fat. When someone’s weight is mostly around their middle, it represents fat accumulations around the abdominal organs.

Visceral fat is the kind of fat that causes eating disorders, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and an overall inflamed and ill state of health.

As the inflammation in his body healed, William saw his problems dissolve and his health return. He is jubilant, saying “Waking every morning with no grogginess, ample energy throughout the day, and zero aches, pain, or discomfort anywhere in my body is a true blessing. Zero Carb/ Carnivore not only gave me my life back, but for the first time in decades, I feel ALIVE!!” The healing power of a carnivore diet is truly amazing.

Remembering that William struck out on this nutritional journey in search of a way to restore his health, it’s no surprise that he actually sees the weight loss as an added bonus. “This way of eating is the only way I’ve found that gave me my health back. The fat loss was a bonus that I didn’t expect but am so grateful for.”

William would go on to heal from his other symptoms, seeing his pain subside and his energy soar. He is truly thankful for the knowledge, inspiration, and guidance that showed him this path and provided the learning resources for him to pull off this transformation. “Thank you so much to Dr. Baker and all the Veteran Carnivores I’ve learned from!

“It’s been a life-changing experience. I feel like a teenager again with no pain or sickness.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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    1. Start by looking it up… Find videos by Dr. Baker, Dr. Saladino and Dr. Berry.
      Research, research, and more research!

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