Valerie improved her digestion and bloating on a carnivore diet

Valerie’s Weight Loss Journey With Carnivore Diet

Valerie had struggled with her weight and overall health for years and finally found some relief after starting a keto diet. At 5’7” and 345 pounds, she was able to lose 70 pounds with the keto diet and keep her carbs below 20 grams per day. 


However, she still struggled with gas, bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. Complications later arose from a blocked bile duct resulting from a botched gallbladder surgery years before.


From Keto To Carnivore: Finding Relief From Digestive Issues


“I started my weight loss journey with keto as a very sick woman and saw how eliminating processed packaged foods, sugar, and starchy vegetables really helped with my body’s healing process.” 


At the time, Valerie was unaware of the importance of balanced electrolytes and proper amounts of dietary fat, so she sought to address those issues through a low-carb diet.


Transitioning To A Meat-Based Diet


“Through watching videos and listening to Dr. Ken Berry, I was introduced to the carnivore diet,” Valerie shares. “He mentioned that some people just can’t tolerate vegetables and explained the importance of electrolyte needs and fat while following a zero-carb diet.” 


In recognition of World Carnivore Month in January, Valerie decided to take the plunge and ease her way from a low-carb diet to a full carnivore diet. 


“I just began eating only meat and increased my fat to help with satiety,” she explains. She found a meat-based diet better suited her caloric needs as she burns many calories throughout the day for her job as a personal grocery shopper.


Tips For A Successful Transition To A Carnivore Diet


Valerie had a relatively easy transition to a carnivore diet and easily eliminated the vegetables from her ketogenic diet. “I was already eating burgers, eggs, and bacon, so I just increased the amounts of those foods and added in grass-fed steaks that I would buy in bulk when there was a sale.”


Valerie no longer felt the need to eat several times a day and made sure to only eat when hungry and only to the point of being full. This made it much easier for her to focus on other activities throughout her day.


Her advice to Carnivore newbies who may be struggling with the transition? “Increase your electrolytes, increase your fat, and increase your protein until you’ve stabilized.”


Life-Changing Benefits Of A Meat-Based Diet


One of her favorite tips for a quick and easy breakfast is egg coffee. “I had complained to a carnivore coach about being stalled in my weight loss, so they suggested swapping out the heavy cream in my coffee and whipping in a raw egg,” Valerie recalls. 


“It creates a carnivore cappuccino which I love. It’s like breakfast in a cup!” She uses a traditional blender and gradually adds the egg to the hot coffee.


Valerie’s success with Carnivore has been life-changing. She was able to lose 117 pounds total and is continuing to reduce her BMI. She has less joint pain, resolved all of her digestive issues, and has better sleep without requiring naps during the day. 


Her issue with a blocked bile duct, while serious, has been much easier to heal from since eating a meat-based diet. Best of all, her doctor continues to be pleased with her results. “My doctor confirmed I’m doing everything right!” she says. 


“I have more energy now at 55 than I did at 35. I’m living proof that the ‘Proper Human Diet’ works and meat heals!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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